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Writers Stonk

Some of this will only make sense if you've read the comments to my previous post. I did attempt to reply there, but I soon realised that it'd take up too much time and space, so I felt here was just as good.

Well I'm cured of my writers block for now. I went back and forth with a few people who's opinions I value above others, Chadwick made some very good suggestions - as he always does - and Norm Breyfogle hit the button right on the head.

The problem was that I'd spent too much time trying to fit the words into a format that it'd never suit. I had so many footnotes that the book was in danger of being titled; "Gentleman Jim Mooney: A Life In Footnotes" That'd not sell many copies at all. Norm took a swing at it, we went back and forth until he suggested that I remove all the footnotes and merge them into the text.

The results? Twenty five pages of pure text in six hours. I've not had a burst of writing like that since I wrote a 20 page U2 arti…

The Second Album

I've always been interested in hearing the second album by anyone. The general consensus is that the debut album by anyone is going to be the killer - it's generally the best material culled from the writing/touring stage and it's just the best of everything. The second album, the follow-up, generally consists of what didn't make the grade for the debut. Examples of this include Boston's Second Coming (half an album really) and U2's October. Despite having some solid material in the form of Gloria, Tomorrow and the title track, October is nowhere near as good as Boy. On the flip-side are albums like Led Zeppelin II and Queen II - both far superior to their respective debuts.

So what's the point of this? I'm now experiencing the former problem. I'm currently writing my second book, a biography of Jim Mooney, and I've stopped dead. I'm thinking my biggest problem is that I've started this book in the same style that I did for the An…

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