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Darlin' Dick Ayers

Jaded? Moi? NEVER!!!

Just when you think you're getting even slightly jaded something comes along that makes you sit up, take notice and realise that even if the world isn't the nicest place to be, some of the people in it are just the best ever.

In stores this past month is the third volume of The Dick Ayers Story. There's three volumes in the series, each as good as the other, and the concept of a comic book artist drawing his life story is nothing short of brilliant. I'm sure there's going to be several people who'll point towards other artists who've done similar projects, but hey - I like it.

I had the chance to interview Dick waaaay back when and I'll say up front he's a true gentleman. I'd long been a huge fan of his, my brother and myself used to pour over Dick's issues of Sgt Fury with a certain degree of glee, and more than once I was removed from a class for calling a teacher a 'chicken scratchin', paper hangin' yellow be…


AM, very, very AM.

Can't sleep. Random thoughts running through head. Can barely breathe sometimes. Need fluids. Insomnia is starting to rear it's ugly head once more.

It's the day after the day after. Christmas is an event that just doesn't hold any lusture for me anymore. I try my hardest to muster up the energy to look happy and excited, but the stark reality is that a grinch didn't steal Christmas, my father did.

My old man left us as a family back in 1976. He never looked back, just walked down the driveway and wandered off to join the new family that he'd started over a year previously. The irony was that after his new girlfriend gave birth to my first half-sister, my old man wanted to bring her home so that my mother could raise her as her own. Give my mother full credit, she told the bum to get out and live up to his obligations - he made the mess, he'd have to clean it up on his own. So off he went. I have a vivid memory of standing with my brother wa…

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