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Yesterday was the first session in the Annual Holiday Drinkies Sessions. This one was held at the Griffiths Head - now pretty much the regular - and consisted of Tobias, Chadwick and little Stevie. Funnily enough not as many drinks were consumed as I'd like, but it was fun meeting up with the other half only for her to discover that I'd just bought the same book that she's bought me for Christmas, only I scored it at half the price in a half drunken stupor. Much giggling. Four meatballs later and it was back home, complete with rotten guts.

It has made me wonder though. The shops here have been open for last 24 hours straight. That's a boon for all of those who worked the graveyard shift - the award rates must be excellent. However come next year when Howards Industrial Relations reform legislation comes into effect those rates will evaporate. Now can you imagine being told you're working from 12am through to 8am on Christmas eve for the basic award rate with no pen…

Bleah Bleah Bleah

People who live here in Adelaide will know who I'm talking about with this one.

After listening to the puerile crap that Amanda Blair spits out on the radio, and occasionally reading her utterly hilarious column in the Sunday Mail, I'm now convinced that ole Mandy is the media equilvant of the drunken old sot who sits in the front bar spewing out his own views of the world and general philosophy to anyone unlucky enough to be in earshot. When challenged on her often inaccurate views and opinions, Mandy instantly ignores what's before her and insists that she's right and the rest of the world is wrong. The squeaky voiced one believes she's important, and funnily enough some clowns in the media also share this view.

Or do they?

Well actually, they probably don't. What Mandy does is appeal to those less educated than herself, and there are a few of those. She hasn't got a lot to say, but she'll insist on saying it loudly. Luckily for her the idiot fringe, the…

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