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Death Penalty

First off let me start this by saying that there are circumstances where I do agree with the death penalty. Those who commit the most extreme of crimes, those who takes lives, especially the lives of children, should face the ultimate justice. They've done the ultimate crime. To me it's a waste to have scum like Martin Bryant rotting in prison for his crimes when the world would be better served just by not having him here at all. At least Julian Knight knows what's coming to him if/when he gets released.

However... should Van Nguyen have died yesterday? My answer - nope. It was wrong. The man's main crime was that he was an idiot. Pure and simple. And no-one deserves to die for being an idiot, otherwise the world would be an empty place. On the other hand let's look at some cold, hard facts.

Van Nguyen was a drug smuggler. He attempted to smuggle a large amount of heroin out Singapore in order to help pay the bills of his brother, no saint himself. Admirable? To a d…


I have the co-worker from Hell right now.

I've started a new day job, only so I can gather together as much skinny as possible so we can make the trip to the States next year, and so far it's not been all bad. The first couple of weeks we were in training, some of what I learnt there did bother me somewhat, but hey - no government job is flawless I guess, and procedures are procedures. And yep, you got it right - I now work for the South Australian government as a regional support clerk. Don't ask me what that means because to be honest I have no idea. I sit there all day, email people, do some work and read news updates. Most people around me work hard on their resumes and job applications and inbetween times they do some of the tasks that they're given, but mostly they just look for saps to handball their workloads onto.

My first week on placement (I'm doing contract work) was damn good. I had three girls training me, all at different times and they were bloody ama…

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