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Steve Hill R.I.P

Another one left us this morning - Steve Hill. Many might not know the name, but you'd know the band that he originally sang with - Skyhooks. That's right, Steve was the original vocalist with the band, for about a year, before Shirley came along (that's him on stage with the band in 1973). Indeed if you ever get a chance to hear some of the bands early songs with Hill you'll notice that Hill, in his own way, sang some of the songs better - All My Friends Are Getting Married for example, sounded warmer with Hill than it ever did with Shirl. Different voices, now both are singing duets somewhere up there.

Still Steve turned his back on the 'Hooks, for his own reasons and Shirley came in, replaced him and the rest is history. Now Steve is history. My good pal Peter Green emailed this to the Skyhooks list today:
Some sad news everyone. At 9.00 this morning Steve Hill, the original Hooks lead singer passed away.As most of you know he had been battling cancer for awhile…

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