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War Is Declared!!!

Seriously. It's war!!!

Now that I've finished the Andru/Esposito book I've found myself with some free time. That's not only a good thing, but lately that's a damn rare thing. In order to bring myself down and relax I've decided to go back out into the little garden I have here and start doing all the things I've wanted to do there for months now - planting some herbs and veggies, planting some shrubberies (you never know when the Knights Who Say Ni might turn up), ripping out some old, dead or useless plants, weeding - well you get the general idea. So far I've planted some nip for the cat, some tomatos, some herbs, a mozzie killing plant and a bush, along with a general clean up along with installing some more sprinklers and removing the dead solar lights.

But I'm not happy. Lately a bloody great big black bastard of a bird has decided to enter my garden and throw shit and dirt all over the place. I'll go outside, clean up, sweep and do so…

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