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Revenge Is...

I was always told that the best revenge is living well.

What crap - it's more than that, far, far more.

Revenge is going to a concert and having a damn good time.

Revenge is sitting down at said concert and seeing someone who gave you the flick a couple of years back, for no apparant reason other than, "You're just not going anywhere and I want more out of life. I want someone who's cultured etc etc" and seeing that person.

Revenge is seeing that person sitting down with a feral wearing a white shirt under an open flannel shirt, with a shaved head and some bum fluff, who sits there all the time trying to look cool and just looks bored.

Revenge is realising that you're far better than they've ended up with.

Revenge is also knowing that the person by your side now is a far better person than your ex could ever hope to be as well.

Quid pro quo dear, I win, you lose.

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