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Live 8

Perhaps I'm a cynic... the catchcall was 'Make Poverty History', yet here in Australia only those who had the money to pay actually saw the concerts. All we managed to see here in Australia was a watered down version of the 24 hour event - a whole 80 minutes wrapped up in a 'two hour' highlights package, complete with car commercials. Someone made some money from this event and, as you'd expect, it was Packer selling advertising space on Channel 9, and Rupert Murdoch who cashed in by getting people to cash him up and fork over an eventual four figure sum to subscribe to Foxtel.

Not to take anything away from the event but isn't it a tad hypocritical for someone as wealthy as Bono, in the middle of a world tour that'll see him net another twenty million or so, preach to the people about forking over cash in aid? Ummmmm, the collective worth of that London line-up alone must near reach the billion plus mark - how about they donate the profits from a tour a…

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