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Ginger Meggs Part IV

Alan Jones and myself talking Ginger Meggs this morning, again on 2GB. Slowly the word is getting around and getting heard. Hopefully there'll be some good news in the very near future.

In the meantime the Sydney Morning Herald's online site has a pile of letters from people asking about Meggs. You'll have to scroll down a bit but they're there. Just goes to show that people do care and do want Australian comics in Australian newspapers - not American comics and Su Doku.

Ginger Meggs Part III

2GB just made contact and we had a quick chat...

Ginger Meggs Part II

Some people might remember the fuss that we managed to create last year about Ginger Meggs. In a nutshell the Sunday Mail here in Adelaide decided to drop Ginger Meggs along with other Australian created strips from it's comic pages in favour for American created and owned strips. The bulk of those strips appeared to be product placement strips - Simpsons, Scooby Doo for example, both promiting cartoons on the Fox run Nickelodeon channel, and Fox are owned by News Ltd, who also own the Sunday Mail.

For those who are interested there's an excellent write up here. That link takes you to the official InkSpot site, but you can read the write up here as a standard html link. I've also posted a portion of my interview with 5AN - be warned it's not the smallest file in the world, it comes in at just under 5megs. If I may say so, it's worth a listen. Sadly I can't find the last 6 minutes or so, but you'll get the gist.

So where does this lead us? Last night I got an …

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