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Terowie Redux

A variation on a theme that I visited last year. I'm keen to go back to Terowie, and will be doing so very soon, just to see how much difference a year makes to a place like that.

In the meantime, with a little bit of editing, a bit of fixing and farting about, I present to you a scaled down version of what I wrote back then, and hopefully something that makes a bit more sense. If you're in America then you should find this post most interesting, as it relates to a very important part of US military history. And bear in mind it was sixty three years ago this month that the original Big Mac drifted through these parts.


Terowie is a little town about 60 clicks out of Burra in South Australia and it holds a special place in world history, in particular World War II. It was on the platform at Terowie that General Douglas MacArthur gave his legendary speech after escaping the Philippines - "I came out of Bataan and I shall return". The speech wa…

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