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I have the co-worker from Hell right now. I've started a new day job, only so I can gather together as much skinny as possible so we can make the trip to the States next year, and so far it's not been all bad. The first couple of weeks we were in training, some of what I learnt there did bother me somewhat, but hey - no government job is flawless I guess, and procedures are procedures. And yep, you got it right - I now work for the South Australian government as a regional support clerk. Don't ask me what that means because to be honest I have no idea. I sit there all day, email people, do some work and read news updates. Most people around me work hard on their resumes and job applications and inbetween times they do some of the tasks that they're given, but mostly they just look for saps to handball their workloads onto. My first week on placement (I'm doing contract work) was damn good. I had three girls training me, all at different times and they were bloody am

Oh, That Worked Well Didn't It? So let me get this straight... Geo Bush, John 'Mr Sheen/Mr Garrison' Howard and Tony Blair all invaded Iraq and ousted Saddam because he was denying his people their basic human rights. Ok, we're on the same page so far. Then they install a 'democratically elected' puppet government who are supposed to bring a new era of change to Iraq. So far so good. Then what happens? The new government promptly rounds people up, throws them into a secret prison and tortures them to death. Oh that's just bloody great. As P Townsend once wrote: "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss." Bloody twats. We had the US defense minister here this week. He refused to answer any questions about the actions of the US backed government - no great surprise there. The more things change the more they stay the same. Don't believe a word of what John Howard tells you. The new terror laws are designed to attack the civil r

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