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The best thing about playing music is watching someone hear the lyrics for the very first time. As warped as some of them are, the songs themselves work only too well, and the best songs for bent lyrics are, naturally, the Engish songs of the late '70s and early '80s. After going through tracks like Squeeze's labelled With Love: She unscrews the top of a new whiskey bottle And shuffles about in her candle lit hovel, Like some kind of witch with blue fingers in mittens She smells like the cat and the neighbours she sickens, And almost anything by Kid Creole and the Coconuts, in particular Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy, in which good ole August Darnell offers this explaination for why he couldn't possibly be the father of Annie: See if I was in your blood Then you wouldn't be so ugly My weekly favourite has to be the opening line from Reward by The Teardrop Explodes: Bless my cotton socks I'm in the news It doesn't get any better really. Back later with some

Handy Type People??

I'll pay for someone to build me two of these . Get in touch you handy type persons.

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