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Feeling a lot more positive today. The reasons are obvious - checked the mail this morning and the third volume in the Complete Peanuts was in. Only twenty two such books to go, and another 11 odd years. As Fantagraphics can't distribute these volumes outside of America (and whoever worked out that deal needs a good kicking) I'm having to import my copies. As it is I managed to fluke the third volume on eBay for about 40% less than the cover price, so I can't complain. Means I've got a nice weekend set up for reading. This also came in the mail today. It's an old story, but here's what I heard/read. Bill Ripkin, you've probably never heard of him outside of America. It appears that he wasn't the most loved guy at the Baltimore Orioles in 1989 when the photo was taken. Just before he stepped up at training to get his photo taken one of his team-mates wrote ole Bill's club nick-name on the base of the bat (have a peek). Photo taken, and Bill enters hi

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