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Darlin' Dick Ayers

Jaded? Moi? NEVER!!! Just when you think you're getting even slightly jaded something comes along that makes you sit up, take notice and realise that even if the world isn't the nicest place to be, some of the people in it are just the best ever. In stores this past month is the third volume of The Dick Ayers Story . There's three volumes in the series, each as good as the other, and the concept of a comic book artist drawing his life story is nothing short of brilliant. I'm sure there's going to be several people who'll point towards other artists who've done similar projects, but hey - I like it. I had the chance to interview Dick waaaay back when and I'll say up front he's a true gentleman. I'd long been a huge fan of his, my brother and myself used to pour over Dick's issues of Sgt Fury with a certain degree of glee, and more than once I was removed from a class for calling a teacher a 'chicken scratchin', paper hangin' yello


AM, very, very AM. Can't sleep. Random thoughts running through head. Can barely breathe sometimes. Need fluids. Insomnia is starting to rear it's ugly head once more. It's the day after the day after. Christmas is an event that just doesn't hold any lusture for me anymore. I try my hardest to muster up the energy to look happy and excited, but the stark reality is that a grinch didn't steal Christmas, my father did. My old man left us as a family back in 1976. He never looked back, just walked down the driveway and wandered off to join the new family that he'd started over a year previously. The irony was that after his new girlfriend gave birth to my first half-sister, my old man wanted to bring her home so that my mother could raise her as her own. Give my mother full credit, she told the bum to get out and live up to his obligations - he made the mess, he'd have to clean it up on his own. So off he went. I have a vivid memory of standing with my brother


Yesterday was the first session in the Annual Holiday Drinkies Sessions. This one was held at the Griffiths Head - now pretty much the regular - and consisted of Tobias, Chadwick and little Stevie. Funnily enough not as many drinks were consumed as I'd like, but it was fun meeting up with the other half only for her to discover that I'd just bought the same book that she's bought me for Christmas, only I scored it at half the price in a half drunken stupor. Much giggling. Four meatballs later and it was back home, complete with rotten guts. It has made me wonder though. The shops here have been open for last 24 hours straight. That's a boon for all of those who worked the graveyard shift - the award rates must be excellent. However come next year when Howards Industrial Relations reform legislation comes into effect those rates will evaporate. Now can you imagine being told you're working from 12am through to 8am on Christmas eve for the basic award rate with no pen

Bleah Bleah Bleah

People who live here in Adelaide will know who I'm talking about with this one. After listening to the puerile crap that Amanda Blair spits out on the radio, and occasionally reading her utterly hilarious column in the Sunday Mail, I'm now convinced that ole Mandy is the media equilvant of the drunken old sot who sits in the front bar spewing out his own views of the world and general philosophy to anyone unlucky enough to be in earshot. When challenged on her often inaccurate views and opinions, Mandy instantly ignores what's before her and insists that she's right and the rest of the world is wrong. The squeaky voiced one believes she's important, and funnily enough some clowns in the media also share this view. Or do they? Well actually, they probably don't. What Mandy does is appeal to those less educated than herself, and there are a few of those. She hasn't got a lot to say, but she'll insist on saying it loudly. Luckily for her the idiot fringe, t

2005 Award For Customer Service

And the Annual Award for Aggro Taxi Drivers and Bad Customer Service goes to... ADELAIDE IMPRESSIONS CHAUFFEURED SERVICES Established 1993 (Don't call 'em taxi drivers - it really, really annoys them and they will hang the phone up) Gotta love this lot. Driving to work Friday and all of a sudden a Tarago bearing the AI name and colours cuts across the Parade at 8am this morning, doesn't indicate, nearly runs me off the road and then abuses the living suitcase out of me on Portrush Road because I beeped the horn. So I get into work and decide to call the company and lay a formal complaint. Bad move. First off the general manager then proceeds to call me a liar, disputes my version of events, complained that she's sick of dealing with 'people like me' (whatever that means - the public perhaps who've been verbally assaulted by their drivers?) and hangs up. Classic lines included: "What do you expect me to do? I'll speak to the guy, get his story a

Death Penalty

First off let me start this by saying that there are circumstances where I do agree with the death penalty. Those who commit the most extreme of crimes, those who takes lives, especially the lives of children, should face the ultimate justice. They've done the ultimate crime. To me it's a waste to have scum like Martin Bryant rotting in prison for his crimes when the world would be better served just by not having him here at all. At least Julian Knight knows what's coming to him if/when he gets released. However... should Van Nguyen have died yesterday? My answer - nope. It was wrong. The man's main crime was that he was an idiot. Pure and simple. And no-one deserves to die for being an idiot, otherwise the world would be an empty place. On the other hand let's look at some cold, hard facts. Van Nguyen was a drug smuggler. He attempted to smuggle a large amount of heroin out Singapore in order to help pay the bills of his brother, no saint himself. Admirable? To a


I have the co-worker from Hell right now. I've started a new day job, only so I can gather together as much skinny as possible so we can make the trip to the States next year, and so far it's not been all bad. The first couple of weeks we were in training, some of what I learnt there did bother me somewhat, but hey - no government job is flawless I guess, and procedures are procedures. And yep, you got it right - I now work for the South Australian government as a regional support clerk. Don't ask me what that means because to be honest I have no idea. I sit there all day, email people, do some work and read news updates. Most people around me work hard on their resumes and job applications and inbetween times they do some of the tasks that they're given, but mostly they just look for saps to handball their workloads onto. My first week on placement (I'm doing contract work) was damn good. I had three girls training me, all at different times and they were bloody am

Oh, That Worked Well Didn't It? So let me get this straight... Geo Bush, John 'Mr Sheen/Mr Garrison' Howard and Tony Blair all invaded Iraq and ousted Saddam because he was denying his people their basic human rights. Ok, we're on the same page so far. Then they install a 'democratically elected' puppet government who are supposed to bring a new era of change to Iraq. So far so good. Then what happens? The new government promptly rounds people up, throws them into a secret prison and tortures them to death. Oh that's just bloody great. As P Townsend once wrote: "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss." Bloody twats. We had the US defense minister here this week. He refused to answer any questions about the actions of the US backed government - no great surprise there. The more things change the more they stay the same. Don't believe a word of what John Howard tells you. The new terror laws are designed to attack the civil r

Steve Hill R.I.P

Another one left us this morning - Steve Hill. Many might not know the name, but you'd know the band that he originally sang with - Skyhooks. That's right, Steve was the original vocalist with the band, for about a year, before Shirley came along (that's him on stage with the band in 1973). Indeed if you ever get a chance to hear some of the bands early songs with Hill you'll notice that Hill, in his own way, sang some of the songs better - All My Friends Are Getting Married for example, sounded warmer with Hill than it ever did with Shirl. Different voices, now both are singing duets somewhere up there. Still Steve turned his back on the 'Hooks, for his own reasons and Shirley came in, replaced him and the rest is history. Now Steve is history. My good pal Peter Green emailed this to the Skyhooks list today: Some sad news everyone. At 9.00 this morning Steve Hill, the original Hooks lead singer passed away. As most of you know he had been battling cancer for awhi

War Is Declared!!!

Seriously. It's war!!! Now that I've finished the Andru/Esposito book I've found myself with some free time. That's not only a good thing, but lately that's a damn rare thing. In order to bring myself down and relax I've decided to go back out into the little garden I have here and start doing all the things I've wanted to do there for months now - planting some herbs and veggies, planting some shrubberies (you never know when the Knights Who Say Ni might turn up), ripping out some old, dead or useless plants, weeding - well you get the general idea. So far I've planted some nip for the cat, some tomatos, some herbs, a mozzie killing plant and a bush, along with a general clean up along with installing some more sprinklers and removing the dead solar lights. But I'm not happy. Lately a bloody great big black bastard of a bird has decided to enter my garden and throw shit and dirt all over the place. I'll go outside, clean up, sweep and do s

Revenge Is...

I was always told that the best revenge is living well. What crap - it's more than that, far, far more. Revenge is going to a concert and having a damn good time. Revenge is sitting down at said concert and seeing someone who gave you the flick a couple of years back, for no apparant reason other than, "You're just not going anywhere and I want more out of life. I want someone who's cultured etc etc" and seeing that person. Revenge is seeing that person sitting down with a feral wearing a white shirt under an open flannel shirt, with a shaved head and some bum fluff, who sits there all the time trying to look cool and just looks bored. Revenge is realising that you're far better than they've ended up with. Revenge is also knowing that the person by your side now is a far better person than your ex could ever hope to be as well. Quid pro quo dear, I win, you lose.

Self Fulfilling...

With the current focus on the new terrorism laws, about to be introduced, I'm wondering if, secretly, John Howard is hoping and praying that someone, somewhere, actually does carry out an act of terrorism upon Australian soil. That way it'll justify everything he's done since he threw in with the American invasion of Iraq. Mind you, it's that self same invasion that's made Australia a target on the terrorist map, not that you can tell that to Howard. The new laws are nothing but a travesty. I'm sure that if you enjoy having no civil rights, and really, really enjoy having all your freedom taken from you - on the strength of a phone call - then you'll get right into these new laws. And that's what it comes down to - a phone call, a letter, an email, a blog entry (kinda like this one). Someone reports you as a possible terrorist and BANG! before you know it you're locked up for two weeks (at a minimum) without charge, without anyone knowing where you

How To Solve The Third World Debt Crisis With U2

I've been reading reports all over the internet for a while now about how Bono has taken it upon himself to routinely harangue the people who attend U2 concerts and shame them into giving more money to charities that support the eradication of the Third World debt. End Poverty Now, he says. And good on him! It's a noble cause, albeit a doomed one. Still the same people who shell out anywhere from $150 to $200 a ticket to see U2 sing what passes for their greatest hits don't want to be told that they're not giving enough money. It's the height of hypocrisy. We're not privy to the amounts (if any) that Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry donate to the same charities, but what people do know is that the current U2 tour will gross millions of dollars, the large percentage of which will end up in the collective bank accounts of the U2 organisation (and don't be fooled - like the Rolling Stones, U2 ceased being a band years ago - it's a business now, and like any b

Blame Chadwick, Not Me!

Ok, surfing because I'm bored. Why am I bored? It's not because I haven't got work to do - Gawd knows I have enough. I have a book to finish, a site to help re-design, people to upset on forums and mailing lists and I have to be awake tomorrow at about 6am to phone Terry Austin and have a chat that'll last til 10am (Christ I'm a name dropping bastard today). So on my bored surfing (or should that be avoidance surfing?) I found that my dear ol' pal Chad has posted one of those question/answer things and wants me to do it. The bastard. I swear, next time I see him I'm gonna really pick my nose and flick it into the nachos, as opposed to just telling him I did. Without any further ado, here we go. If any of this either doesn't make sense, or you want clarification, then just fire away. --------------------------------------- 7 things I plan to do before I die 1: Write a novel and get it published. 2. Appear in a major motion picture with an Oscar winner. (I

It's Better To Look Good Than To Feel Good

Or so sang Billy Crystal. I wonder if Eddie agrees? I'm betting that you won't see this photo on Sam's Mailbag on the Footy Show. Speaking of which, guess the song from the lyric: "Oh look, there's Sting, looking for his last name in the bin!" Good luck, I'll tell you what it is next time around.

Sad News For Dusty: Bob Denver Passes Away, Aged 70

BOB DENVER, DEAD AT AGE 70. Bob Denver, star of TV's DUSTY'S TRAILS, died on Friday in Winston-Salem, N.C. He was 70. Mike Eisenstadt, Mr. Denver's agent, announced the death, The Associated Press reported. Mr. Denver was being treated for cancer at Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital and underwent quadruple bypass surgery earlier this year. Seen here in his role of Dusty, Denver had a television career that spanned several decades. Staring with his portrayal as Maynard G Krebs on the cult classic The many Loves Of Dobie Gillis, Denver became on of the most recognisable, and possibly one of the best loved television icons of the 20th century, becoming as recognisable as Lucille Ball. After appearing in a little known television show named Gilligan's Island, Denver exploded onto the screen in a ground breaking western named Dusty's trail. Dusty's Trail ran September the 11th, 1973 to March 12th, 1974 . Created by Sherwood Schwartz (who also gave us such class

Hurricane Katrina: Same Action, Two Views

It's bad business. Pure and simple. The hurricane that went through New Orleans has turned the town into one large hot bed of violence and fear - if you believe the media. Personally I'm amazed that everyone didn't flee when they had the chance. As for what to believe, here's two views. The first image comes from Yahoo's News Service and is captioned as such: "A young man walks through chest deep flood water after looting a grocery store in New Orleans on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005. Flood waters continue to rise in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina did extensive damage when it made landfall on Monday. (AP Photo/Dave Martin) " The second image refers to the white people who 'found' their supplies. Yahoo News removed the second image shortly after posting it because people apparantly found it offensive. You tell me what the difference is. Personally I find the top photo far more offensive than the bottom one. So remember kiddies, it's only looti


The best thing about playing music is watching someone hear the lyrics for the very first time. As warped as some of them are, the songs themselves work only too well, and the best songs for bent lyrics are, naturally, the Engish songs of the late '70s and early '80s. After going through tracks like Squeeze's labelled With Love: She unscrews the top of a new whiskey bottle And shuffles about in her candle lit hovel, Like some kind of witch with blue fingers in mittens She smells like the cat and the neighbours she sickens, And almost anything by Kid Creole and the Coconuts, in particular Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy, in which good ole August Darnell offers this explaination for why he couldn't possibly be the father of Annie: See if I was in your blood Then you wouldn't be so ugly My weekly favourite has to be the opening line from Reward by The Teardrop Explodes: Bless my cotton socks I'm in the news It doesn't get any better really. Back later with some

Handy Type People??

I'll pay for someone to build me two of these . Get in touch you handy type persons.


I'd almost forgotten about this one. Believe it or not, this is an actual lunchbox that dates back to the mid 1940s. I saw it listed on eBay in around 1999 and had to download the images - mainly because I got outbid on it. If my mind isn't failing me it eventually sold for about USD$300. And yes, it was listed as 'Classic Gay Lunchbox'. So, hello luvvie! It's obviously also an old Anmerica custom to shower with your best pals and watch them soap up. Duckie!

Set 'Em Up, Harry

Does I need anymore excuses to hit the grog? Thought not.

Time And Legends Pass Part II

"Beam me up, Scotty!" Taken from CNN . It's gonna be a long week. James Doohan, 'Star Trek's' Scotty, dead Wednesday, July 20, 2005; Posted: 4:09 p.m. EDT (20:09 GMT) LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- James Doohan, the burly chief engineer of the Starship Enterprise in the original "Star Trek" TV series and motion pictures who responded to the apocryphal command "Beam me up, Scotty," died early Wednesday. He was 85. Doohan died at 5:30 a.m. (1330 GMT) at his Redmond, Washington, home with his wife of 28 years, Wende, at his side, Los Angeles agent and longtime friend Steve Stevens said. The cause of death was pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease, he said. The Canadian-born Doohan fought in World War II and was wounded during the D-Day invasion, according to the Web site. He was enjoying a busy career as a character actor when he auditioned for a role as an engineer in a new space adventure on NBC in 1966. A master of dialects fr

Time And Legends Pass

Taken from the Newsarama site. JIM APARO PASSES AWAY From Spencer Beck The Aparo Family has asked me to send this information out to all parties. It is with the deepest regret I have to inform you of the passing of the legendary Jim Aparo early Tuesday Morning, July 19, 2005. Mr. Aparo, who was 72, died from complications relating to a recent illness. All Funeral arrangements will be a private ceremony for Family and Friends of Jim. Aparo, born in 1932, was primarily self-trained as an artist. After years of working in commercial fashion design in Connecticut, his first break in the comics field was with a comic strip called "Stern Wheeler," written by Ralph Kanna, which was published in 1963 in a Hartford, Connecticut newspaper for less than a year. In 1966, editor Dick Giordano at Charlton Comics hired him as a comic book artist, where his first assignment was a humorous character called "Miss Bikini Luv" in "Go-Go Comics." Over the next few years at Cha

Shameless Plug

Click on the above image to order the magazine. No vested interested for me other than the Up Your Nose article that bears my by-line.

Fun Fun Fun

Whoosh!!! Ok, so I got a response from Peter David. Several in fact. I won't go into detail, but I will say this - the 'abbie' comment was spoken by an American. That's fine - I'll admit I was wrong on that one. PAD says I'm wrong about the Stolen Generation comments and as he won't agree to disagree I'll leave it to him as he's obviously the expert. Anyways. Ever have one of those days? I swear that I’m the bastard son of Claude Raines. The latest example of my power of invisibility took place only this past Friday. Chad , Tobias, Dr Nick Riveria and myself decided to catch up and see the Fantastic Four flick. So far so good. We managed to get out of the city, parked the car, allowed Chad to have a quick peek at some top secret material that we just happen to have lying around the house (non porn mind you) and because I only live about a minutes' slow walk away, we deiced to wander over to the Villanova for lunch. Now the Villanova, l

Cultural Ignorance Isn't Bliss - It's Dangerous

Let me start this one off by saying that I'm a fan of Peter David . I've loved his writing for years now, and his Wolverine run with Sam Kieth is some of the funniest stuff I've seen in a comic book. I've enjoyed his 'But I Digress' column in the CBG for what seems to be decades now. His run on the Hulk was unsurpassed and that'll probably remain so. As a writer he's rare in the comic book industry - his name has marquee value; a Peter David comic can grab readers in more than some so called 'superstar' artists can. If you want to know all about Peter David then wander over to his site and have a look around - excellent reading. So it was a case of pure and utter disappointment when I read his latest issue of the Hulk. The issue itself, issue #83 of the relaunched title, is part of a company cross-over titled 'House Of M'. In short the Scarlet Witch, Magneto and Quicksilver have all apparently gone insane - again - and the Witch has used

Live 8

Perhaps I'm a cynic... the catchcall was 'Make Poverty History', yet here in Australia only those who had the money to pay actually saw the concerts. All we managed to see here in Australia was a watered down version of the 24 hour event - a whole 80 minutes wrapped up in a 'two hour' highlights package, complete with car commercials. Someone made some money from this event and, as you'd expect, it was Packer selling advertising space on Channel 9, and Rupert Murdoch who cashed in by getting people to cash him up and fork over an eventual four figure sum to subscribe to Foxtel. Not to take anything away from the event but isn't it a tad hypocritical for someone as wealthy as Bono, in the middle of a world tour that'll see him net another twenty million or so, preach to the people about forking over cash in aid? Ummmmm, the collective worth of that London line-up alone must near reach the billion plus mark - how about they donate the profits from a tour a


My all time favourite childhood pet, although I didn't fully realise it at the time. Tabatha, funnily enough wasn't named Tabatha because she was a Tabby, we named her after Samantha's daughter in Bewitched. She used to love leaping up onto her hind legs in order to get cheese - of all things. I've never met a cat yet who's been able to do the same. She was a very patient cat, far more patient with four growing lads than you'd ever expect a cat to be. Eventually she grew old and frail, but carried herself with a regal air. One morning she was gone. We discovered later that time had caught up with her and she found a nice tree to hide under and passed onto where ever cats go when they go - probably to some cat heaven that resembles ancient Egypt. Now this one ain't a pet, but it's the kind of thing that Tabatha loved to capture and devour. And power to her. Bloody rat with wings.

Sale Of The Century

So the latest media whine is the deal that Douglas Wood has cut with Channel 10 to tell his story. The deal was signed off on late last night and this morning we woke up to hear two cretins on Channel 7's Sunrise programme asking 'serious' questions as to if Wood should be forced to pay back part of what he's earning to the Government for his rescue, or donate the profits to charity. Then they announced how much Wood is getting: $400,000. Now the interesting thing with this is that they're wrong on all accounts. First off Wood isn't getting $400,000, it's more in the region of $150-200,000 and the idiots at Channel 7 know that. It was funny listening and watching the hyprocrits on Sunrise bitching about Wood. I'd bet the entire amount he got that if Today Tonight had snared the exclusive they'd be defending it to the cows came home. If I were Douglas Wood then the first thing I'd have done once I touched down at that first press conference wo

Senate Estimates

Don't see it myself - I've just spent the last hour scanning comic books for an article I'm writing on spec and watching Senate Question Time on channel 2. At least there's something to watch, but the reality is that if the best looking creature on the TV screen is Kate Lundy then you're not doing too badly. After all I'd not throw her out of bed to get to this alien that's been bashed by the Ugly Forest... Eewwwww, politicians aren't getting much better looking. I think the thought of nokie with Amanda is enough to turn any man gay.

It's Raining Outside

Finally winter has arrived. At least the garden might now stop looking like, and having the consistancy of, a dust bowl. It needs a good soaking, but then so do the crops out on the plains. Today's talk surrounds the Jackson trial and his 'not guilty' verdict. Personally I don't know if he did it or not, but for the time being the courts have said he didn't do anyhting wrong and that's that. What bothers me the most about the whole thing is the fact that no-one has confronted the parents of the children that Jackson supposedly molested. Odd indeed. Since the early 1990s Jackson has had a cloud hanging over him. The first time he was accused of child molestation he didn't go to trial - fair enough really as the family put the story on the auction block and Jackson bid the most amount of money. He with the deepest pockets, wins. Now after that happened, and the resulting press, you'd think that the last thing you'd do is allow your children to

Michael Wonka

Call me odd, but doesn't Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka look disturbingly like Michael Jackson? Still, as far as I'm concerned, and as much as I enjoy watching Johnny Depp (Pirates Of The Caribbean is an absolute classic - especially if you've ever met Keith Richards) there'll always be only one, true Willy Wonka. I think I'll wait for the new on to appear on DVD...

A Moment's Laughter Please

Physically... 1934 - 2005 In our memories... forever. That's two in as many weeks. One I knew, but not well enough, and the other I knew through a television set. Both have had an impact with their passing and both will be sadly missed. The worst part of Kennedy's passing is that it's allowed the Human Maggot to re-emerge trying to raise his profile and ratings. Sadly for the Maggot, Graham Kennedy had more class in his little fingernail than Hinch will ever have in his life. From what people tell me these days Hinch is a sad, bitter, twisted and lonely old man - he deserves that and more. The funniest part? After he made his untrue comments about Kennedy he got attacked from all corners - as he so richly deserved. Like all bullies instead of recanting and admitting he lied he then screamed about how it was painful and upsetting that people were being hostile. But then that's why the guy has been sacked from every television station in Australia and quite a ew ra

Ginger Meggs Part IV

Alan Jones and myself talking Ginger Meggs this morning , again on 2GB . Slowly the word is getting around and getting heard. Hopefully there'll be some good news in the very near future. In the meantime the Sydney Morning Herald's online site has a pile of letters from people asking about Meggs. You'll have to scroll down a bit but they're there. Just goes to show that people do care and do want Australian comics in Australian newspapers - not American comics and Su Doku.

Ginger Meggs Part III

2GB just made contact and we had a quick chat ...

Ginger Meggs Part II

Some people might remember the fuss that we managed to create last year about Ginger Meggs . In a nutshell the Sunday Mail here in Adelaide decided to drop Ginger Meggs along with other Australian created strips from it's comic pages in favour for American created and owned strips. The bulk of those strips appeared to be product placement strips - Simpsons, Scooby Doo for example, both promiting cartoons on the Fox run Nickelodeon channel, and Fox are owned by News Ltd, who also own the Sunday Mail. For those who are interested there's an excellent write up here . That link takes you to the official InkSpot site, but you can read the write up here as a standard html link. I've also posted a portion of my interview with 5AN - be warned it's not the smallest file in the world, it comes in at just under 5megs. If I may say so, it's worth a listen. Sadly I can't find the last 6 minutes or so, but you'll get the gist. So where does this lead us? Last night I got

Andru & Esposito: Partners For Life Cover Art & Assorted Goodies

Michael Netzer took a basic image/idea from me and made it into something very, very special. It's been up on Michael's site for a few days now, so it's hardly a first look, but here's a peek at the cover for the Andru/Esposito book. Michael does this kind of thing for a living, and it's an absolute honour to have him take the time to work on the cover - and in the process improve the intial idea beyond belief. Both Mark Evanier and Tony Isabella have pointed out that the Superman figure was inked by Dick Giordano , but as the book is about both Ross and Mike the figure isn't that out of place. Certainly Mike is aware of the cover and hasn't said anything negative to me about it. Anyway, as I've said to both men, if that's the only nit that can be picked out of the book then I think I'll be doing quite well. As I've more time, deadline wise (thanks to Daniel Herman and Hermes Press) I'll be able to work some more on the book - expect

Andru & Esposito: Partners For Life

PARTNERS FOR LIFE: The Story of Ross Andru & Mike Esposito. The life and careers of Ross Andru and Mike Esposito is to be published by HERMES PRESS in mid 2006. Consisting of interviews, first hand conversations and artwork, the book covers every aspect of Andru and Esposito’s time in comic books, from their first ventures into self-publishing, their time spent working syndicate strips, the creation of the Metal Men (as told by Mike Esposito, Ross Andru & Bob Kanigher) and the duo’s work at virtually every comic book company in the USA, with an emphasis of their acclaimed work at DC, where they touched virtually every major character, through to Marvel where they enjoyed a ground breaking run on Amazing Spider-Man. The book is comprised mainly of interviews with Mike Esposito. Interspersed throughout the book are comments and quotes from various people, including Ross Andru, Bob Kanigher, Gil Kane, Jim Mooney and others. Commentary is provided by Daniel Best and Mike Esposito

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