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As It Is, As It Will Be

Alan left us yesterday afternoon at roughly 5:30pm. I feel like I've failed him, that I could have been there, that I SHOULD have been there. I don't know if I could have made a difference, but I'll never know now and that burns me. I'll never know what went through his mind in those last, dark few minutes and that'll haunt me until I go. Can't think of anything more to say really.

Some Things Just Never Make Sense

This isn't one of the best days I can lay claim to. We decided to pay a visit to my brother and thus see, and tease, my little nephew and two nieces. So far so good. We rocked up just after lunch time, threw a sticky bun on the table and watched the little buggers tear into it. No problems there although it's always a fight to get ahold of the nephew - a chase around the garden and the usual threat of dipping his head in mud got me the required laughs and anyone who says a little kids laughter is a bad thing is clearly a cretin of the highest order. Meanwhile. I'm not going into the details but the fuzz fronted up and gave us the news that my brothers step-son was in the hospital and not expected to pull through. It seems that some idiot was giving him the run around a little too much and the poor guy decided to check out. He botched the job somewhat, but, from what I can understand, it's only a matter of time before the job becomes final. I've known the poor guy si

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