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Ghosts Part II

So where does the ghost come from and what does she represent? She popped in last night, so, just for fun, I tried to speak to her. She doesn't scare me all that much anymore, startles me yes, but scares me? Nah. Takes more than a spook to spook me. So once I woke up and saw her standing there I said "Hiya". No reply, but I think that if she did reply I'd have shat the bed. Then she vanished, leaving me with the orange jelly scent. I first saw her in a dream. Now this dream is a reoccurring one. I often get repeats of dreams -- I've been having one particularly freaky falling dream since I was a wee little lad. But this one came from nowhere. It started a few years back and it goes like this: I walk into a night club, or some kind of a dark setting that's playing music. The tune is normally something retroish, but it does change. Start laughing now because most of the times it's Relax that's in the background. I walk into the place, stop and prop and h

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