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So what does keep me awake at night? Lots of things, but allow me to share at least one. One of the things that keeps me awake are the ghosts of various things. You see I'm a firm believer in ghosts, not so much the afterlife, whatever that might be, but ghosts? Well they do exist. The populist theory is that is that a ghost is a psychic imprint from a previous time/event. In short where ever we go we leave behind these little imprints via some form of electronic recording. Those imprints occur when an event of intensity happens - a death, a significant tragedy, or basically anything that cases us to react. The majority of those imprints can be, and usually are, easily explained, but every so often some things can't be. As most people are psychic receptors to a degree we find ourselves uncomfortable in certain places and situations. These times, when we can't explain our unease, is when we're picking up an imprint that doesn't sit right. And example would be this -

Top Cat Explained.

Come in Top Cat. Yes, Top Cat. You see in hindsight, and with the eyes of myself as I am now, which is a damn sight older than the 6 year old me who used to love to run inside and watch Top Cat, well, I finally realise that Top Cat was utterly evil, or at the very least, highly subversive. Although the show was said to be a cartoon version Sgt. Bilko, I see more parallels with Hogan's Heroes. Mind you I'm thinking Top Cat might of come first, so maybe the idea of Hogans was to put Top Cat into a POW camp in WWII. Certainly all the characters are there in plain view - you can see Hogan in Top Cat himself, Newkirk in Choo Choo, that idiot that kept blowing things up in Spook, the black guy in Fancy Fancy and that annoying little French chef would be Benny. Klink would be Dibble and as for Schultz, well that's where the theory falls apart. Now Fancy Fancy, well he was the one that scored a lot. Scored with the female cats, or so we're led to believe. I don't ever recal

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