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As It Is, As It Will Be

Alan left us yesterday afternoon at roughly 5:30pm. I feel like I've failed him, that I could have been there, that I SHOULD have been there. I don't know if I could have made a difference, but I'll never know now and that burns me. I'll never know what went through his mind in those last, dark few minutes and that'll haunt me until I go. Can't think of anything more to say really.

Some Things Just Never Make Sense

This isn't one of the best days I can lay claim to. We decided to pay a visit to my brother and thus see, and tease, my little nephew and two nieces. So far so good. We rocked up just after lunch time, threw a sticky bun on the table and watched the little buggers tear into it. No problems there although it's always a fight to get ahold of the nephew - a chase around the garden and the usual threat of dipping his head in mud got me the required laughs and anyone who says a little kids laughter is a bad thing is clearly a cretin of the highest order. Meanwhile. I'm not going into the details but the fuzz fronted up and gave us the news that my brothers step-son was in the hospital and not expected to pull through. It seems that some idiot was giving him the run around a little too much and the poor guy decided to check out. He botched the job somewhat, but, from what I can understand, it's only a matter of time before the job becomes final. I've known the poor guy si

Lessons That Popeye Taught Us

1: It's alright to obtain credit under false pretences. Anyone ever notice that Wimpy never actually paid for the amount of food that ate? It was always "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." I guess in the Popeye Universe Tuesday never comes because we never actually saw Wimpy cough up some hard earned. 2: Gluttony with junk food is cool. Sure, Popeye ate spinach, which is a good thing being a veggie and all that, but Wimpy was the main food eater in the show and he stuffed his fat face (and gut) with greasy hamburgers all hours of the day. McDonalds would love to get him in for an edorsment. 3: It's a fine line between homosexuality and hetrosexuality. Ever notice that the object of the guys affection, Olive Oyl, looks less like a woman and more like a man? Tall, flat chested, skinny and rather masculine in an effeminate way. 4: It's damn cool to have sex with multiple partners. Olive Oyl got it on with Popeye and Brutus all the time. Not to me

Ghosts Part II

So where does the ghost come from and what does she represent? She popped in last night, so, just for fun, I tried to speak to her. She doesn't scare me all that much anymore, startles me yes, but scares me? Nah. Takes more than a spook to spook me. So once I woke up and saw her standing there I said "Hiya". No reply, but I think that if she did reply I'd have shat the bed. Then she vanished, leaving me with the orange jelly scent. I first saw her in a dream. Now this dream is a reoccurring one. I often get repeats of dreams -- I've been having one particularly freaky falling dream since I was a wee little lad. But this one came from nowhere. It started a few years back and it goes like this: I walk into a night club, or some kind of a dark setting that's playing music. The tune is normally something retroish, but it does change. Start laughing now because most of the times it's Relax that's in the background. I walk into the place, stop and prop and h


So what does keep me awake at night? Lots of things, but allow me to share at least one. One of the things that keeps me awake are the ghosts of various things. You see I'm a firm believer in ghosts, not so much the afterlife, whatever that might be, but ghosts? Well they do exist. The populist theory is that is that a ghost is a psychic imprint from a previous time/event. In short where ever we go we leave behind these little imprints via some form of electronic recording. Those imprints occur when an event of intensity happens - a death, a significant tragedy, or basically anything that cases us to react. The majority of those imprints can be, and usually are, easily explained, but every so often some things can't be. As most people are psychic receptors to a degree we find ourselves uncomfortable in certain places and situations. These times, when we can't explain our unease, is when we're picking up an imprint that doesn't sit right. And example would be this -

Top Cat Explained.

Come in Top Cat. Yes, Top Cat. You see in hindsight, and with the eyes of myself as I am now, which is a damn sight older than the 6 year old me who used to love to run inside and watch Top Cat, well, I finally realise that Top Cat was utterly evil, or at the very least, highly subversive. Although the show was said to be a cartoon version Sgt. Bilko, I see more parallels with Hogan's Heroes. Mind you I'm thinking Top Cat might of come first, so maybe the idea of Hogans was to put Top Cat into a POW camp in WWII. Certainly all the characters are there in plain view - you can see Hogan in Top Cat himself, Newkirk in Choo Choo, that idiot that kept blowing things up in Spook, the black guy in Fancy Fancy and that annoying little French chef would be Benny. Klink would be Dibble and as for Schultz, well that's where the theory falls apart. Now Fancy Fancy, well he was the one that scored a lot. Scored with the female cats, or so we're led to believe. I don't ever recal


That's right that's right that's right he's having a dirt nap tonight... That's neat that's neat that's neat he'll be buried up to his feet.... Mud`s lead singer dies LONDON (Reuters) - Chart topper Les Gray, lead singer of 1970s pop band Mud, has died from a heart attack in Portugal only a week before he was due to make a comeback for charity, a spokeswoman says. He was 57. "He died on Saturday in Portugal from a heart attack after a long battle with cancer," said Caroline McFarlan, founder of KidsCharities UK. "Les was due to take part in a charity show in Glasgow alongside some other great acts of the 70s but now we`re going to turn the show into a tribute to him," she said on Monday. Formed in 1966 with Gray as its frontman, Mud blended a lightweight mix of rockabilly and pop and scored more than 10 top 20 UK hits in the 1970s, including number ones "Tiger Feet", "Lonely This Christmas" and "Oh Boy".

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