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Original Art Stories: Miller vs Varley - Frank Miller's Art Collection

More documents have landed in the what's rapidly becoming a nasty battle between Frank Miller and his ex-wife, colourist Lynn Varley (read here for a recap). Without getting into the nastier details of the dispute, it can be broken down to the following; 

1] Miller and Varley agreed to separate and split their art collection. As part of the settlement ($1,320,000 to Varley from Miller), sales of art from either side to third parties was subject to a series of rules. 

2] All of Miller's art was catalogued and stored in a unit, to which both Miller and Varley's legal representatives had the keys. Either party could inspect the art at any time, but had to be accompanied by the other, or their representative.

3] Miller had strict rules against selling any of his art until Varley had received the final settlement payment. His art was being held as security against the payment. Miller could sell his art, but had to offer it to Varley first. If she wanted it, she could pay a 'fa…

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