Jack Quayle and The Savage Club

Another amazing, and recent, Australian art find and one that is now firmly in the collection.

An original Jack Quayle sketch on a letter, dated 26 June 1940, that he sent to The Savage Club in Adelaide accepting an invite to attend a luncheon.

 I don't think the Adelaide branch of the Savage Club exists anymore, if it does then I don't know where it is. I suspect that this was hanging on it's walls until it closed - the age of the frame it was in dates back to the 1950s - after which time someone merely took it home. There it remained until they passed on and it found its way into an auction. As soon as I saw it, I knew what it was and made sure it came home here, where it will be looked after until such a time when I send it on further in its journey.

I wonder what other artistic treasures lurk out there from such clubs that are now extinct? And what does happen to the artefacts that live on the walls of clubs and organisations which get removed after a period of time?

At times they're pilfered or thrown out. Too often they're merely placed into a dark room marked storage and left to rot, forgotten little pieces of history from another time. When they're finally rediscovered, those who created them are forgotten and into the bin they go.

Such is the fate of a lot of 20th century history, especially when it comes to people who's names aren't instantly recognisable. Little bits of history that make a whole, gone, forgotten, discarded.


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