The Gene Simmons Band with Ace Frehley in Adelaide

Yes, I was there (I'm still alive, funny that, but more on that later) and yes, I know what went down. And it wasn't pleasant.

You can read my full review on Upside News. If you leave a comment there, be respectful to Upside News site - you can attack me all you want, but remember, the views are mine as I saw it. The good people running the site don't need to be abused.

If you want to leave a comment here, go your hardest.

Here's how I saw it, summed up in the shell of a nut:
 Sure, it was one half of KISS, and as a fan of long standing (1978 to now) I could enjoy the night on a nostalgic level. But, also as a fan of KISS I felt cheated and very disappointed. Sure, we’ve all heard how Gene is an arsehole, and Ace can no longer sing, but to see it, first hand, is crushing. 
God love you Gene Simmons, you cantankerous old bastard. Never, ever change. The world needs people like you, if only to remind the rest of us how far we’ve come and how sexist, racist and homophobic our grandfather’s generation really was.
Sadly Gene Simmons, as a solo act, is best avoided by all barring those rabid fans who giggle at every inane utterance that spews forth from his mouth. The concert here wasn't worth the money and, frankly, it's insulting to his audience, and testament to Simmons love of money (why have a relaxing off day booked that people would need to be paid for when you can travel instead) that Simmons would fly across the world only to land, complete with jet lag, on the afternoon of the show. The jet lag was apparent on both Simmons and his Band, who, I might add, were solid and fairly good despite the circumstances. The addition of an extra day might have been better used for a rehearsal for Frehley and the Simmons Band - all of whom met for the first time at the soundcheck in the evening. yes, it was a Chuck Berry style performance really, with Ace walking up, plugging in and doing what he does with the Simmons Band trying to keep up and second-guess where Ace was in a song.

Next time I'll stay home. I feel for those who paid full price, and even more for the women who paid $4,000 only to be subjected to Simmons own, outdated, brand of misogyny and sexism. Sometimes your childhood heroes can turn out to be everything you ever wanted, and sometimes they turn out to be bastards.

Gene, here's a hint. You're not funny. You wear a wig and a Neil Diamond cast off costume, and as such you look like you should be funny, but you're not. On stage, when you crack jokes, you're offensive. As as rude, un-PC and offensive as I can be, you cross lines that even I won't go near, because it's just plain wrong.

Like Gene Simmons.


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