Selling Your Original Art? Get Ready For These Comments...And More

John Buscema, Hulk preliminary. Not my art, so don't ask me if you can buy it.

Selling, and buying for that matter, original comic book art shouldn't be difficult, but, sadly, it can be. There's a lot of traps out there, and there's plenty of people who openly prey on those who aren't serious collectors. There's many stories about sellers and dealers who mark items up, refuse to place prices on items unless a person is interested and more, unethical, behaviours. I thought that I'd seen and heard them all by now, but I know there's something new around the corner.

On a Facebook group I frequent a pal of mine has announced that he wants to sell an amazing Gil Kane page. Someone suggested that he go for a private sale, and that prompted me to recall all the things I've heard over the years when I've thought about selling some prime pages.

Here we go...using Gil Kane as the example:

"It's not that great a page."
"I know you want XXXX but I can only offer you YY."
"I've seen better pages for far cheaper."
"I can buy an entire Green Lantern book by Gil Kane for what you want for this."
"I'm buying it to give to a family member who loves that issue. His name is eBay."
"Oh, I was hoping to get it for $100. And you can pay the postage."
 "Nobody wants old Gil Kane art anymore. They want Jim Lee."
"You don't know the market/what you're talking about. Just ask anyone, I'm the expert."
"I'm doing you a favour by buying this page and taking it off your hands."
"I saw this page for XXXX not long ago."
"You overpaid for it."
"Nobody wants pages from Superman by Kane. Trust me on that."
"I'm poor, so you should sell me that page for next to nothing."
"I'm after a page inked by (insert any inkers name, it doesn't matter who, it won't be who inked the page you're selling)."
"It's a crappy page."
"I have a better page here that I got for half what you're asking."
"I know you want XXXX for that page, but I was hoping to get it for YY."
"I knew Gil Kane. He told me he hated that page."

There's many, many more.

Feel free to add to this. I'll keep updating it as we go along. This could be a lot of fun.


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