From Script to Page: Silver Age Secret Files & Origins #1

A little treat for you art fans out there. It's been a long while since I've posted anything related to art and artists of any serious import, and there are reasons for this, but this isn't the time, nor the place, to get into any of that. Needless to say that, thanks to Facebook and a group I'm now part of, my love and appreciation for original comic book art is beginning to return, and with a vengeance. I'm back collecting, as it should be.

And I'm finally scanning my entire collection. This is no small task as it's now thousands of pages, original art, sketches, preliminaries, notes, letters, faxes, scripts, roughs - you name it, it's all there. It's a massive undertaking, sorting, scanning, recording, notating and finally storing all the art I own, but, honestly, it needs to be done.

One reason why it needs to be done is simple. Some of my collection consisted of notes and faxes sent from writers to artists and vice-versa. As we know, thermal fax pages fade away, and, sadly, that's happened in this case. I dug out a folder containing the original contract, script, letters, sketches and notes for Batman: Dreamland by Norm Breyfogle and Alan Grant only to find that the faxes Alan had sent to Norm back in 1999 and 2000 have now faded into obscurity. They cannot be saved, all the print has gone for good. I have no idea if Alan kept his originals, but at least I have Norm's original, handwritten notes to reference.  Still, things like this bring home the importance of preservation, especially digital preservation.

In the process of sorting and scanning I'm finding little gems that I once thought lost, or forgot I even had. Each page has a story connected to it, some of the art I'm no longer attached to for whatever reason, and my tastes have changed. But, it'll all stay with me with the duration, awaiting for the inevitable culling.

Until then, I thought it might be of interest for some to see the process of making a comic book page, from script to final page. I picked a one page piece, a Flash Facts page from Silver Age Secret Files & Origins #1 (DC Comics, July 2000), as written by Brian Augustyn and penciled and inked by Norm Breyfogle.  Here you'll see Brian's original script, the rough preliminary and the finished page.

Just for fun, see what kind of a page you'd draw, using Brian's script. See how similar it turns out to Norms. Feel free to email me the results and I'll be more than happy to post them here.


Script and images copyright 2018 Brian Augustyn and Norm Breyfogle
Characters copyright 2018 DC Comics


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