From Script To Page: Black Panther #30

Cover art by Sal Velluto
Well the Black Panther movie is out and by accounts its a winner. I've not seen it yet, hopefully I'll rectify that very soon. In the meantime, enjoy this, the second entry in a series I'll be calling From Script To Page.

Today's entry is the splash page to Black Panther #30 (Marvel Comics, May 2001), written by Christopher Priest and drawn by my chum Norm Breyfogle. What you see here is the first page of the script, the preliminary sketch, the penciled page and the final, fully inked, page as published in the comic book. Titled The Story Thus Far, the comic book focuses on the somewhat convoluted relationship between The Black Panther and Captain America from their first meeting in World War II to the (then) present day. As with anything that Priest writes, there's a lot going on in these pages.

Priest's script is one of the biggest I've seen for a Marvel comic. Running in at a hopping 43 pages, the script provides background and detail on every single panel in the book. Priest also gives the motivation for what the characters are doing, and why. I've not seen another Priest script yet, but as this one was written for then regular penciler Sal Velluto, I expect that they're all this big.

Kind of puts the lie to the Marvel Method. If you haven't read the Priest run of The Black Panther then you really should. The story was magnificent and the art, from the likes of Sal Velluto, Bob Almond, Mark Texeria, Mark 'Doc' Bright, Norm Breyfogle and others is stellar. Indeed the team of Velluto and Almond is one of comic books classic teams, they mesh perfectly and, working with Priest, helped make the book as perfect as it is.

So, enjoy this glimpse into the methods of Priest and Breyfogle, and then go and read the comics!

Black Panther copyright 2018 Marvel Entertainment
Script and Art copyright 2018 Christopher Priest and Norm Breyfogle


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