Happy New Year! Now Where's My Rocket Ship?

(The Australian Women's Mirror, December 3, 1935. Via Trove)
Isn't that ad a ripper! You could send in a coupon in December 1935 and receive a model of Flash Gordon's space ship for Christmas. Life should not have gotten better for kids back then.

Before you ask, here's the lowdown on why Flash Gordon was called Speed Gordon in most parts of Australia. Go ahead, click the link, saves me time from having to repeat myself and explain it all over again.

Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s the date 2018 seemed to be something right out of Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers. It never seemed real to me. I thought that either I, or the world, would be long gone, we'd never reach that point and if we did, then we'd all have rocket shops and be flying off to Mars like we drive from state to state. Hasn't happened yet and I doubt it'll ever happen in my lifetime, and I'm good with that. I can live with it. It means I can get out into my garden and just pull weeds out without having to worry where my next dilthium crystal is going to come from.

But as far fetched as 2018 seemed to me in 1978, imagine how disappointed those kids in 1935 would feel if they could see how far we've come, yet how much we've not achieved.

Oh well.

Let's make 2018 a good one. Be kind to each other and just be tolerant. I know that's rich coming from a guy who spent most of last night abusing politicians on Twitter, but, hell, give it a shot.


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