Editorial: Hollywood's Eternal Shame

What a load of bullshit. Rape, misogyny and violence against women have been a part of Hollywood culture since Hollywood began - casting couches were a fixture in every producers office and it was expected that, if a woman wanted to make it, they'd eventually have to sleep with a sleaze bag producer. The results were unwanted pregnancies, abortions, damaged people, failed careers suicides and more. And let's not mention, no, let's do mention, how a lot of Hollywood heavyweights (read males) who liked to prey on the children. Nothing was done then, and nothing will really be done none, and this is despite producers bragging about it then and still do today - it was a mark of honour for these fuckheads.

It's continued through to today. Hollywood loves it's rapists and paedophiles- they give Woody Allen, Dennis Hopper and Roman Polanski awards and celebrate them, while attacking anyone who dares speak up against them. Polanksi now has five allegations of rape against him, all from women who were aged under 15 at the time of attack, but people defend him.

Why? Because he, and the rest, all make money. Hollywood loves a person, no matter their crimes, as long as they make money for the machine. Weinstein will be back, as will Spacey and Louis CK and all the rest. They'll be 'exiled' for a while, and then return. You can bet the house on it.

Nothing has changed and I'm stunned at all of this outrage that is now being expressed. Study your entertainment history people and you'll soon see a pattern that goes back to the days of Griffith and Co.

So, don't act all shocked. If you know your film history you'll know this is nothing new. Instead of the faux outrage, Hollywood would be better served by cutting off all ties to these bastards, making sure they never work in the industry again and, above all, stop defending them and giving them plaudits.

An stop silencing and blaming the victims.

Yeah, like any of that will happen.

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