They Don't Make Ads Like This Anymore: Amazing World Of Superman

Rear cover of The Metropolis Planet, 28 June, 1973

So.  This.  In 1973 the town of Metropolis, Illinois, had a Superman themed exhibition.  The whole town turned out to celebrate, and DC Comics were right in there with them.  To really get into the swing of things, the local newspaper, The Metropolis Planet (I mean, what else would you call your newspaper) issued a special edition, the cover of which is posted below.  And yes, I am still very much digging my new A3 scanner, thanks for asking.

The newspaper is full of ads for various local businesses, all cashing in on the Superman name and brand.  There's photos of special events, packed with facts from the TV show and the comic books.  Look! There's Carmine Infantino!  And Sol Harrison!  Both at different events, proudly hoisting the DC flag.  There's the Reverend Charles Chandler.  And some guy named Mike Forbes, who dressed up as Superman and wandered around posing for photos for the occasion.  In fact, anyone and everyone you could think of, related to Superman and history, are in there, all wrapped up in one big, happy, newspaper.

Front cover of The Metropolis Planet, 23 June, 1973. Although not credited, this image was drawn by the late, great Curt Swan

Well, almost.  No matter how hard you look inside this newspaper, or even on their web-site (using the search function), you won't mind any mention of the names Jerry Siegel or Joe Shuster.  Not one.  The entire town love Superman and turn out to celebrate it, which is a good thing really, they revel in the history of the character, but, as far as they're concerned, Superman was created by DC Comics.

So sad that, in 1973, DC were still so petty as to deny Siegel and Shuster a mention.  And before anyone bleats that it was the newspaper and their own version of Lunchtime O'Booze that are at fault, remember that DC would have had to sign off on this, so they'd have known the content beforehand.  They're the ones who, even then, were denying the creators of Superman their true credit.

But, hey! Sol Harrison! Cutting a ribbon!  "Where's the scissors?" "They're in the car, Sol. You arse hole."


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