Their Real Signatures: Kiss

We all know that the members of Kiss never used their real names.  Gene Klein, Paul Frehley, Stanley Eisen and Peter Criscuola all adopted stage names about as real as Gene's hair is now.  They became, in order, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss.  Ok, no big deal, after all lots of people changed their names when they became successful, or just to enter music.  Just ask Harry Webb, Arnie Dorsey or Tommy Woodward.  Better yet, don't ask Arnie.  His name change doesn't make a lick of sense.

However if you're like me, and hopefully you're not, then you've often wondered what the signatures of Kiss really look like.  I'm not talking about the scribbles that they've placed onto so many things over the decades, from titties through to arms, legs, wooden legs, album covers, books, magazines, comic books - you name it, they're probably signed it.  In Gene's case, he's probably asked for money to sign it.  Hell, I'm sure he even signs his wig these days.

Well now we can see what the signatures of Gene Klein, Paul Frehley and Peter Criscuola look like, thanks to this 1977 agreement between Bill Aucoin (who actually did use his birth name) and the band.  All of the band, other than professional spoilsport Stanley 'The Parrot' Eisen who used his stage name, had to sign this document with their real names as it was a legally binding contract.  They changed their names at a later date.  Or did they?

Who knows.  And, frankly, who cares?  For now, look and gasp in enjoyment at the REAL signatures of the Oldest Band In The Land, KISS!!!


The Seditionist said…
Decades later, found out that Stanley had been in my class at high school (Jamaica HS, class of (*choke!*) 1970) but dropped out for show biz before graduating.

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