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As people might be aware, my old chum, Norm Breyfogle, had a stroke earlier this year. He's well on the road to recovery, but he can't draw, thus he can't pursue his livelihood, and he needs an income to live. DC have stepped up to the plate by releasing this 500+ page volume, nay, EPIC, that covers Norm and Alan A. Grant's first Detective Comics run.

A lot of this material has never been reprinted before, certainly not in such a handsome volume. You can see Norm, as an artist, growing in this book, from his first tentative steps (which he probably will argue with me about - again) to becoming the powerhouse that he did. Norm is considered by many, especially me, as being THE definitive Batman artist of the 1990s (although he started in 1988) and this work is long overdue for recognition from DC.

 Norm benefits from each volume sold in royalties. And the more volumes that sell the more likely it is that DC will follow this up with more volumes, covering Alan and Norm's run on Batman, along with Anarky and Shadow Of The Bat. The more that sell, the more you help Norm. It really is that simple. It doesn't matter if you like or loathe DC, or their practices, they're doing this to help a man, that's all that counts.

 When it came to Batman from 1988 onward, Alan Grant (and John Wagner for that matter) was the perfect writer and Norm was the perfect artist. Spread some love. Share this post. But buy a copy. Buy two copies and donate one. Just buy it, from a comic shop, a bookstore or on-line. And read it, if you've never read this run then prepare to be blown away, and if you have read this stuff before, then you know what's coming.

But, if you're that anti-DC, then the other way to help Norm is to donate to The Whisper Campaign. As the blurb on the campaign page says:

The Whisper Campaign is here to help Norm Breyfogle recover from his stroke, and we need your help to do it.  By helping this campaign, you get a trade paperback featuring Norm's never-before-reprinted Whisper stories along with many additional comic stories from Norm Breyfogle and his award winning supporters in the comics industry!
On December 17, artist Norm Breyfogle was hospitalized due to a stroke. For many Batman fans, Norm Breyfogle stands out as one of the top artists from the late 20th Century as the penciller for Detective Comics from 1987 until 1993, as well as working on the Batman series from 1990 to 1992. Norm Breyfogle has most recently been seen illustrating Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger and Batman Beyond, and the award-nominated Life With Archie.
Norm Breyfogle has suffered paralysis on his left side, and he draws with his left hand. He now needs months of extended care with daily therapy that will hopefully enable him to once again continue his skillful art and regain his mobility to be able to walk, draw and hopefully work again. 
Like many comic book artists before him, Norm Breyfogle is experiencing the brutal reality where freelance artists with marginal or no insurance can find themselves crushed under hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills from career-altering illness or injury. Even in the Affordable Care Act era, health-care security eludes many artists, including ones with histories as extensive and reputable as Norm Breyfogle. He needs help. You can help save him and get cool art for doing so. 
Whisper- A 280-page trade paperback containing Whisper #3-11 
Written and created by Steven Grant (Punisher, 2Guns) and published by First Comics in 1986. The series has never been reprinted before, this will become a collectors dream and a great chance to see Norm Breyfogle early work. Steven has given us permission to reprint Norm Breyfogle issues of Whisper to raise funds for his recuperation.


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