Praise For Newton Comics - The Rise & Fall

The long awaited full history of Newton Comics, the Australian publisher of the 1970s, has been out for a fortnight and the praise is rolling in. Here's some of the comments that have been received.

"​I loved this.  Just loved it.  Fascinating stuff." - Mark Waid (Eisner Award-winning American comic book writer)

"A pretty amazing story of Australia's history with Marvel and what people do for the love of comics. Great book that I think joins your others as a fine addition to the medium's history." - Michael Netzer (Artist/writer; Marvel Comics, DC Comics)

"I really enjoyed it. It rekindled a lot of memories for me. As a kid Newton was a "gateway" into Marvel Comics for me - as I suppose it was for many kids in the mid 70s. I had my wales adorned with their posters - had a couple of shirts with the dodgy iron-on transfers on them and I still kept all those comics." - Mark Ptolemy

"Thoroughly enjoyed, and highly recommend, Daniel Best's new book on the history of Australia’s Newton Comics. Melbourne based, Newton Comics burned brightly but briefly in the Australia of the mid-70s, introducing many Aussie kids of that era to the Marvel roster of superheroes for the first time. Certainly it was the first time kids like me got to read some of those classic early origin stories and art by the likes of Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, even if it was only in black & white. Newton Comics also offered cool extras like pull-out posters, iron-on transfers, prizes and swap cards (to be placed in an album that seemingly no one who sent in their hard earned dollar for ever received)." - John Harrison (author, Hip Pocket Sleeze; Blood On The Windscreen)  You can read more of what John has to say about the book here.

"Author Daniel Best has written a comprehensive and exhaustive document in his well researched book, “Newton Comics - The Amazing Rise & Spectacular Fall.” Best tells the tale of Newton Comics, the 1970s outlet for Marvel Comics in Australia. Newton was a character worthy of an Ian Fleming series. That his comics empire crashed in less than a year is almost incidental. That he attempted it at all in the midst grave strife gives testimony to his mettle. All this, and profusely illustrated. Every cover. Full credits. A lost piece of Marvel history. Don’t miss this fascinating account."  - Alan Kupperberg (Artist/writer - Marvel Comics, DC Comics, National Lampoon)

Newton Comics: The Amazing Rise & Spectacular Fall, published by Blaq Books.  Features an introduction by noted Australian comic book historian Kevin Patrick and an afterword by long time Newton Comic collector and author Robert Thomas.

In this book you'll read how a maverick publisher, Maxwell Newton, was able to get the license to publish Marvel Comics by stealth in the 1970s. You'll read how the comic book line started, how successful it was and how it all fell apart with spectacular results.  This is a story that anyone who has an interest in comic books - especially Marvel Comics and publishing needs to read. It's a story that has never been told in it's entirety before, even people who were at Marvel at the time had no clue as to what was happening.

The book is in .pdf format, which can be viewed on your tablets, iPads and computers. It is 228 pages and is lavishly illustrated with over 250 images.  And it'll cost you a mere $5:00.

You can order the book via the PayPal link below.


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