Original Art Stories: Stolen Swamp Thing Art Alert

This message was posted on Facebook and is reprinted here with the kind permission of Steve Bissette
With SWAMPMEN out this week (from Jon B. Cooke, George Khoury, TwoMorrows, 2014), it's time to remind everyone in the community that the painted cover art to SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #34 and the final page of that issue ("Rites of Spring") are STILL STOLEN PROPERTY. These belong to John Totleben and yours truly, Stephen Bissette—only they don't, because they were stolen right out of the DC Comics offices in 1984-85.  
These are STILL STOLEN PROPERTY. Anyone owning, trafficking, trading, or harboring this original art—SOTST #34 cover painting and the final story page—is involved (knowingly or unknowingly) in criminal activity. John and I also have children; mine are now adults. They are looking, too. Even after we're dead and gone, this will be sought-after STOLEN PROPERTY.  
This is not going to 'go away.'

It's disgusting to think that there'd be people within the comic art collecting community who would know exactly where those pages are and would do their best to justify their 'ownership'.  They'd be framed up and hanging on a wall somewhere, the 'owner' proudly showing them off to everyone who visits.  What the 'owner' wouldn't be telling people is that these pieces of art are stolen. They have been obtained, and probably sold on, by theft.  They are illegally owned and should be returned to their rightful owners immediately.

John Totleben also has pointed out that the cover art to Swamp Thing #32 also went 'missing' in the same batch of art, so that can also be considered stolen.

If you know who has these pieces of art then do the right thing and tell someone.  If it helps, email me and I'll pass on the information without telling anyone where it's come from. The goal is to get this art returned to Steve Bissette and John Totleben. This art has been in the wrong hands for far too long. There's far too much stolen art out there, time to start returning it to the rightful owners.


Arion said…
I hope Totleben and Bissette get back the original art.

By the way I loved your post about Miracleman's legal complications. It was very informative.


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