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Atlas Comics? DYNAMITE!!!

I first reported in 2012 on the fight between Jeffrey Stevens and the Nemesis Group, headed by Jason Goodman, grandson of Marvel Comics founder, Martin, for the brand name, Atlas Comics.  In summary here’s how it panned out: the name Atlas Comics was the second name of Marvel Comics (after Timely Comics) in the 1950s. In 1974 the name was revived by Martin Goodman and his son, Chip, after they sold Marvel Comics and founded their own line.  The 1974 line, although fondly remembered now and featuring some of the top names of the comic book industry of the time, folded in a heap amidst cries and claims of non-payment and general shenanigans. After that debacle, the name Atlas Comics remained dormant until a wannabe publisher named Jeffrey Stevens claimed the name, and resulting trademark, in 2002.
In 2010 Jason Goodman relaunched the 1974 version of Atlas Comics, using the characters that he ‘owned’ from those days, to much fanfare.  The only hiccup was that he, nor his company the Nemes…

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