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Before The Comic Code Authority Came The Horwitz Code Of Publishing Ethics

Everyone knows, and has seen, the Comics Code Authority which was established in the USA back in September 1954 and its workings.  Entire books have been devoted to its formation and history and how it fits into the comic book industry as a whole.  In a nutshell it was established as a direct result of the Senate Hearings of the 1950s and its function was to control what could be published under the guise of comics books – publishers either conformed to the Code or vanished.  History would like us to believe that the Code was the first of its kind anywhere, but, as you’ll soon see, that history is wrong.
The furore surrounding comic books spread far and wide.  The Senate hearings were big news in Australia and groups here were doing their own bit to get comic books off the shelves.  Groups were formed in virtually every state with the aim of controlling what children read and with the ultimate goal of banning comic books completely in favour of more wholesome literature, such as books.…

Leonard Lawson - Information Wanted

One of my major projects for 2014 is none other than Leonard 'Lennie' Lawson.  I've gathered a lot of research material already and have begun work, but, as always, I want the full picture.  I want as much as can be found.  However I've hit a dead end.

As such I'm putting it out there, if anyone reading this knew Lawson, or knows anyone who knew him either inside prison or outside, then feel free to drop me a line and we'll chat.  Confidentiality will, of course, be the key, no names will be used unless people want them to.  So, get in touch and let's discuss Lawson, for bad or for good.

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