My Brilliant (Non) Career

For the past few weeks I've agonised over what to do with my non-existent writing career.  I've been pounding words out of keyboards on a semi-professional and professional basis since 1993 - that's 21 years - and have made nothing.  In that time I've seen many a person lift my work, my writing, my research and more, and cash in.  Good on them - they can live with it.  I've been accused of many things, being a hack, being no good, being a plagiarist.  I've been accused to actually killing an artist I never met - the list is endless.  Then something happened.

When I started the Keith Chatto book I wondered if anyone would read it.  They did.  I wondered if anyone enjoyed it.  I have no idea as the feedback has also been non-existent.  But, and this stunned me, I made more money out of the Chatto book, which was given away free under the proviso that a donation would be nice, than I have all the other books I've had published to date.  Mind you, the amount for the Chatto book was less than $250 in total, but I was stunned that people would donate, so used to silence I have become and I love everyone who did donate with a passion.  

I'll still write.  I'm going to write whatever the hell I want to and I'll do what I want with it.  If I see my work elsewhere I'll point it out and call it out, in public. You steal my research, expect it to be known.  Do the right thing, ASK me first before you take stuff from this blog or my own little books.  If you don't, then don't whinge if I do the same to you.

If you're a publisher then feel free to contact me. I have ideas.  Loads of them.  However if you're not going to offer me an iron clad contract then don't even waste our time.  Mine and yours. If you have an idea, let me know.  I might say yes.

If you are self-publishing something, a book, a magazine or a blog, and want some help, or an article - and I think everyone knows what I can write about by now - then drop me a line.  If you've slagged me off in the past then still drop me a line.  If we can resolve things, fine. I might help. If not, well, nothing ventured. Oddly enough, I am very helpful when approached properly.

If you're a pal then by all means, I'll help and it won't cost you a cent.  Nothing.  Nada.  All I'll ask is a credit along the line and at least one copy of the final product for my own files. That's all.  There's some people I'll walk backwards, barefoot, through a hedge of broken glass for, they know who they are.  Happy to write and offer my research for free for those guys. If they want I'll make a list of people, but not right now.

I'm going to continue to write.  I won't blog as much as I once did, but I will blog utter crud about nothing on another blog.  That's an outlet.  My main blog will more about what I've discovered. I'm tired of writing vast tracts of things and then not putting them anywhere because I'm fearful of some wanker stealing it, rewriting it and publishing it in their own shitty book for cash.  No more.

As for writing books.  I love them.  I really do.  I love researching them, I love discovering things and sharing the knowledge.  I love writing them.  But I can't be bothered with going through the problems with dodgy publishers.  Thus every book I write will be offered, for free, via my blog.  In the coming weeks I shall remove everything from Amazon and offer them, as non-editable pdf's and epubs, on my blog, as free downloads.  I'll be rewriting the Andru & Esposito book and offering that as a free download too - putting it back to Mike and mine's original vision before Herman got to it.  If you want them, download them.  If you read them, great. Just let me know what you think.  Are they shit, am I wasting my time, are they good - something. If you read them and like them, then by all means, chuck a few cents at me.  Your call.

If you want to help me write, then by all means, drop me a line.  Writing is a lonely craft and it's always good to bounce ideas off people - I'm sure my four idea bouncing people, Lyndal, Anastasia, Michelle and Catherine are getting a bit tired of my endless email rants (which I've cut back on to save their eyes) and discoveries.  Save their girlie eyes!

If you have an event and want someone to talk about my field of expertise, be it pop culture, the history of comic books in Australia, the history of comic books in America, original art and the ethics of collecting the same (ie: people who deal in stolen art), music or movies then shout out. I can speak. I've worked in the electronic media. I had a year or so of public speaking lessons with Vaughn Harvey, I've done more radio than most. I've done TV work.  I am articulate. I know my shit and I always come prepared.  Happy to speak on radio shows and the like, podcasts - you name it.  What the hell, if nothing else, I can provide an alternative point of view and help fill some space. I can easily babble on for hours on end - ask anyone who's seen me in full flight. What the hell.

If all you do is abuse me, then forget it. I'm not interested. But, from now on, if you abuse me, I will abuse you back.  You might not believe this, but I can probably verbally abuse you better than you can me.  I learnt from experts and, if you ever met my Mum, or my Nana then you'd know one thing for sure - it's in my blood.

My thanks if you've read this far.  Let's talk, let's collaborate! You'll find I'm nowhere near as unstable as you might have heard.  I'm here to have fun, to educate and to entertain. Being paid is now a distant second on my list. I'm not going to hack shit out for money, like so many others out there.


Anonymous said…
That sounds like a cool plan, man. I love the Pay What You Want model, kinda like B.K. Vaughan does with The Private Eye ( Apparently he's having success with it. Best of luck to you!
Kid said…
As you seem to be a bit down at the moment, it might cheer you to know that Mike Royer, in an email to me a while back (in response to a question I asked him,) described you as one of the good guys.

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