Friday Sketch Dave!

I've had this idea going around in my head for a while now, and I thought that it's well beyond time that I extracted the ole digit and got to it.  After going through my art collection and scanning and rescanning, and sorting and resorting, I found that I have more Dave Simons art than I first thought I had.  Dave used to send over anything and everything, scraps of paper that he was thought were worthless, preliminaries and sketches that he would normally have thrown into the bin.  At first he couldn't see the value of it but, as time passed, he grew to like the idea and would often send me packages and we'd talk about the process of the art from his initial idea to final execution, where he took the inspiration from (which ranged from artists as diverse as Jack Kirby to John Buscema to Gustav Klimt) and what tools he used to finish the art (he loved Dr Martens dyes, for those who like to know).  

In doing this he taught me a lot about where he came from and how and why he did what he did.  I learnt that he was more at home with doing a commission from his own imagination than he was from someone's idea (at a future date I'll show a prime example of this) but he could more than draw to command if he wanted to.  I'm often asked what made Dave such a good inker and the answer I give is a simple one - as an inker he was a far better penciller than the bulk of the people that he inked.  And I stand by that, he was a stunning penciller and a brilliant inker.  It's good that he gets his due.

The first sketch from the archive is a Captain America head sketch that Dave threw into a sketch book that he sent me.  The book had no blank pages, if there wasn't a sketch already there (printed) then he drew something.  I'm glad he did, it still gives me enjoyment, and sadness, just looking at it.


Jim Kealy said…
Always nice to see Mrt.Simon's work !!!

Thanks for posting.

BTW How is the Newton Book progressing ?

Jim kealy

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