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In Their Own Words: Gully Foyle: The Best Sci-Fi Comic You've Never Seen

In the just over fifty years since the idea was hatched and began, Gully Foyle remains one of the finest examples of comic book art that has been produced in Australia, bar none, yet very few people have ever seen it in its entirety.  Adapted from a story by Alfred Bester by Reg and Stan Pitt, the artwork is nothing short of exquisite. Drawn in a highly detailed style that both references and improves on the likes of Alex Raymond, Gully Foyle remains the high point of Stanley Pitts long and illustrious career.  Those who have seen the art still rave over it, over fifty years later; however it has never been properly printed, nor is it likely that it ever will.

So, what exactly happened back in the 1960s to prevent Gully Foyle from seeing print?  There have been a few explanations and theories, but the actual reason can be traced back to one person.  Until now, the entire saga hasn’t been revealed, nor has the extensive involvement of John Ryan and legendary American artist Al Williamso…

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