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You Want Batffleck? First Peek At Ben Affleck As Batman...

Ok, now here's something to ponder.  As we all know, the Dark Knight has been at the top of recent comic controversies since the newest Batman casting was officially announced - that being Ben Affleck. Now that some of that fervour to that decision has died down to a low roar, new images have surfaced from illustrator Stephen B. Scott that show what Affleck could look like while donning the famous cape and cowl. 

Now while there's been no official word regarding the latest incarnations of the bat-suit from Warner/DC, the company has been known to work with Scott on Batman related depictions in the past, including several illustrations of the bat that appeared in promotional material for the Batman Dark Knight movie and the comic series. 

Still, Scott hasn't been reached to comment on whether or not this is an officially commissioned rendition related to the upcoming Superman/Batman film, and no word from Warner Bros. has mentioned working with Scott to create such images. To…

The Incredibly (Mysterious) Prolific Maurice Bramley


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