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The Marvel-DC Crossover by Joe Kubert That You've Never Seen

If you thought that you've seen all of the Marvel and DC Comics official cross-overs in the 1970s then you might well be wrong.  Not many people are aware of this rarely seen Marvel-DC cross-over, of sorts, that saw none other than Joe Kubert on the art chores.  Even better, this comic gave Kubert one of the few chances that he ever had to draw characters such as Spider-Man, the Hulk and Captain America - hell, if you look hard enough you'll even find a Kubert Archie and Jughead on the cover, along with Howard The Duck and Thor.

The comic itself was commissioned by World Color Press in 1977 to celebrate their open day.  World Color had been printing comic books since 1940 and the magazine showcased their history with photos and histories.  Sadly World Color doesn't exist anymore having been bought out not that long ago, but, in it's day, it printed virtually every American comic book that was sold on the market.

Seeing Joe Kubert's art on these characters, even as a …

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