An Urgent Request From Jim Sanders III - You Can Help!

This came through to me via Alex Saviuk, who received this message from '80s and '90s inker Jim Sanders II.  Jim inked many artists during a lengthy career at both Marvel and DC Comics, as well some independent publishers.  Jim is probably best known as being one of the few inkers that worked over Todd McFarlane's pencils when the latter started at Marvel drawing the Incredible Hulk, as well as working with Ron Lim, Erik Larsen and a host of other.  But sadly, in an all too familiar story, Jim has fallen on very hard times, as you'll read and is in need of assistance.  As if things weren't bad enough, Jim has had to as had face a parents worst nightmare and bury his daughter, so anything you can give will be greatly appreciated.  If you can give, then please, do give.  Help a man out who has brought delight and joy to the comic book world.  And if you know Todd McFarlane, let him know that one of his inkers needs some help.  A McFarlane sketch or, heaven forbid, a cover, would make a massive difference in Jims life right now.

Spread the word - let's all help Jim!

Right now my health and living situation keeps me from doing much-have went from child to child's home the last 2 yrs-now in a cheap hotel and broke.  Last November they told me my kidney transplant had failed and I have been on kidney dialysis 3 times a week since.  In February our youngest daughter, Jane,who was 21, died from a condition commonly associated with the Spina Bifida she had.  This past weekend I was admitted to the hospital because I couldn't breathe and found out I had congestive heart failure on top of everything else  These last 12 months have been, by far, the worst year of my life. 

I have people who have tried to contact Todd for me but he is unresponsive-as have been Ron Lim and Bryan Hitch.  I haven't tried the convention thing but may give it a shot when my living situation is more stable.  I am on social security and SSI, they are supposed to raise it either this month or next, then it will hopefully be enough to support me and my wife.  Until then, till the first of the month, I am begging money here.  Now that I have the CHF, I no longer have the stamina to panhandle.  As for the big 2, what can I say.  My connections in both companies say to continue sending new samples and they will pass them around.  HERO initiative helped me thru a 7 month unemployment stretch 5 or 6 yrs ago, as well as buying us a van for Jane for her appointments.  I went to them about a year and a half ago when everything went south, they said that they had to help new clients since their funding was low, which I totally understand.  If you can help every little bit helps-my paypal is

Thank you and be well an be blessed
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Unknown said…
Millions for movie budgets and marketing but unable to pay the original artists some money or retirement payments. Everbody should boycot the big companies.
Unknown said…
Jim you know I'll help you again when I can.... You know I'm having dificulties too as well as meny people today.
Olaf, I understand that you are upset (me too) about how publishers forget theirs old writers and artists. But Jim Sanders was not an "original artist". He didn't created his own characters, just did work for hire.

The problem is not Marvel or DC, is the way the editorial's world works.

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