Alan Kupperberg: Rejected and Censored

You would be forgiven for thinking that, after a long career in the comic book industry, including stints in advertising, magazine work and general illustration that this wouldn't be the first time Alan Kupperberg has had a strip censored.  After all, this is the man who drew Frenchy The Evil Clown, which contained some of the more offensive material that you're likely to see, and he's done other questionable work along the way.  But no, this time his material was rejected for it's 'tone' - not content, not quality - but that nebulous word, 'tone', for the second time by the same publisher.  And before anyone accuses him, Alan Kupperberg has had no involvement with this posting.

TwoMorrows Publishing has made much of the launch of a new magazine, helmed by former Comic Book Artist editor, Jon B Cooke, called Comic Book Creator.  In doing so they approached a lot of people, writers, editors, artists, commentators, and assembled somewhat of an impressive team indeed.  One of those people was Alan Kupperberg.  Alan was approached, along with colourist Tom Zukio, and asked to submit his Profusely Illustrated strips on a regular basis.  People who have seen these strips are taken by them, both by their humour but also their accuracy.  Alan remembers things, and everyone I've spoken to about the strips say he's remembered things dead on.  With that in mind, and knowing that the magazine was launching with yet another Jack Kirby tribute issue, Alan was asked to submit a strip, titled "Sol & Jack", which he duly did.

If you buy the magazine then don't bother looking for it - it wasn't published.  Publisher John Morrow rejected the strip on the basis of its 'tone'.  Cooke didn't argue and quietly paid Kupperberg a kill fee and that was it.  I have the strip here and am publishing it so people can read it and decide for themselves exactly what is offensive about them.  What makes the decision even more puzzling is that both Morrow and Cooke have published Profusely Illustrated strips in the past, and have both published Profusely Illustrated strips featuring all the characters on display here.  So why is it now rejected

Have a guess at the answer.  I'm very sure I know what it is and the clue is right there in the strip...


I'll make the point of saying that, while entertaining, its presenting things far too "realistically" for the average buyer of Comic Book Creator. Really, we're all reading the Alter Egos and Jack Kirby magazines of the world for some behind the scenes info on the artists and writers that we love, but most of us don't want to know all the truly ugly dirty details of all that goes on.
None said…
You obviously have no concept what censorship is. Freedom of speech does not mean that speech in any publication you want. John Morrow also has freedom of speech and it is his right not to include anything for whatever reason in a publication he produces.
Daniel Best said…
Ok, 'None', either sign your name or don't bother.

You've missed the point - both Morrow and Cooke KNEW the content of the strip before they asked for it. In the case of Cooke, he first saw it SIX years ago. They knew it, they had it, they wanted it and then they changed their minds and gave a lame excuse. Shoddy.

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