The Marvel-DC Crossover by Joe Kubert That You've Never Seen

If you thought that you've seen all of the Marvel and DC Comics official cross-overs in the 1970s then you might well be wrongNot many people are aware of this rarely seen Marvel-DC cross-over, of sorts, that saw none other than Joe Kubert on the art chores.  Even better, this comic gave Kubert one of the few chances that he ever had to draw characters such as Spider-Man, the Hulk and Captain America - hell, if you look hard enough you'll even find a Kubert Archie and Jughead on the cover, along with Howard The Duck and Thor.

The comic itself was commissioned by World Color Press in 1977 to celebrate their open day.  World Color had been printing comic books since 1940 and the magazine showcased their history with photos and histories.  Sadly World Color doesn't exist anymore having been bought out not that long ago, but, in it's day, it printed virtually every American comic book that was sold on the market.

Seeing Joe Kubert's art on these characters, even as a throwaway project, is fascinating.  Kubert's art career at Marvel was mainly restricted to a few projects, none of which involved the characters that he penciled and inked here - although the art does show signs of having been assisted, but the cover is pure Joe Kubert.  Some of the pages were designed to be double page spreads, but, well, you can't have everything.  Feel free to take a punt at the art credits.


Kid said…
Interesting stuff, sure enough. I'd say some of those characters on the cover are over-inked 'though. Still, great to see.
Jean Paul said…
Awesome post. I really enjoy this kind of step by step comics.
Rick Diehl said…
I have declared blogwar on you Dan Best. But, in the nicest possible manner.
Scott said…
All those characters, and no Wolverine in sight! Man, those really were the good old days! I really miss 'em.
Mike D. said…
Hey ya doin'? If your the guy I think you are...we were classmates at Kuberts for a short period in 1988... room 1B
Anonymous said…
Wow, there are very few Bronze Age comics that aren't on my radar, but I've never seen this one. Thanks much for sharing!

Editor, Comics Bronze Age
Geemann said…
I spent a few years 'flying' up those comic books. There were lots of 'flyboys' around but none of us had a cape or mask. Was there in the early 70's and saw a lot of changes. I still have letterpress ink under my nails.

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