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Original Art Stories: Jack Kirby & Joe Simon's Stuntman #4 Cover Art Part II

Back at the end of May I ran a story that looked at the cover art to Stuntman #4, as drawn by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.  At the time the cover art had appeared in an auction, complete with an affidavit from Joe Simon asserting it's authenticity.  Even with that document attached more than one person questioned it's veracity, none more so than Greg Theakston, who stated, ""I ran an inked copy of this (cover) in THE COMPLETE JACK KIRBY. It was inked and looked nothing like this. Bogus.".  From there others chimed in with their opinions; some felt the art with the Simon affidavit was fake, others weren't so sure, but nobody had a definitive answer.

This morning I received an email from Ted Kessler, who was Joe Simon's attorney for a number of years, and the owner of the art with the Simon affidavit.  Ted assures me that the art with the Simon letter is real and the Theakston art is the fake - but don't take my word for it, Ted has asked that I run a piec…

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