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"Comics Or Classics" - A 1950s Response To Comic Book Censorship In Australia

Comics or Classics is a largely forgotten radio broadcast, performed at a time when the merits of comic books, and their censorship, was being hotly debated, both in official circles and in the community as a whole.  That the programme was allowed to be aired shows the mindset of the Government funded and run ABC Radio of the era – to allow such a controversial programme to air in the midst of parliamentary debate was a bold move by all concerned.  Sadly there appears to be no locatable recording of the show, so it’s difficult to piece together the overall feel and production values, but, much like other period pieces, it’s highly possible that the show was recorded before an audience.  What is known is that the show ran for just under 15 minutes on Sunday, June 26th, 1955 and was sandwiched between a show titled Strange Last Words and the perennial favourite, Tarzan.  Starting at 6:30pm, this would have been the prime listening spot for families on a Sunday evening in Australia as te…

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