"Super-Movie Super-Cost Superman!" - Parade Magazine, June 1978

With all the articles that I’ve seen over the past few years related to Superman, this has to be one of the rarest.  Appearing in the June 1978 edition of Parade in Australia, the article takes what would have normally been a puff piece on the then forthcoming Superman movie and instead gave the nation a potted history of the character and Superman’s appearances on celluloid, using quotes from Kirk Alwyn, the Salkinds, Sol Harrison and – amazingly – Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, with a focus on the injustice afforded to the duo by DC Comics, complete with a mention of the $20,000 per annum payments.  To be honest, the feature does speak for itself and shows that, no matter what they might have privately thought, Siegel and Shuster were content to stick to the party line.  Money is a great incentive.

As Superman articles go, this one may have slipped by a lot of people, but it is well worth reading, even if it is, as I suspect, a reprint from somewhere else, tidied up for the Australian market.  God love parade, long gone now, but always had excellent summaries of events with four pages being the maximum space allotted to any one feature.  Some people hated it but it's a great learning exercise and frankly if you can’t tell the story in that amount of time, then you’re writing a book and you need to get out.  And speaking of books, watch this blog later this week as I reveal a story about Marvel Comics that even Sean Howe and his many sources aren’t aware of…but, until then, it’s up, up and away!


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