Finally, A Legal Win (Of Sorts) For Todd McFarlane

Your eyes haven't failed you, you've read the headline right. While Todd McFarlane hasn't exactly won his latest legal fight, he hasn't exactly lost either.  Not so long ago McFarlane decided to sue his former best pal, Al Simmons, over the publication of Simmons autobiography, titled The Art Of Being Spawn.  Simmons book appeared to rely heavily on McFarlane's name and anecdotes, a point that caused McFarlane to file a civil suit against Simmons.  At the time it seemed a tad odd why McFarlane would throw away a friendship that he must have once valued - he named his character Spawn after Simmons - over a book that he must have known about, but with the recent publication of The Art Of Todd McFarlane it became all too clear that McFarlane mustr have felt that Simmons book would cut into sales.  He might have a point there.

Sadly the case never reached any height with the only filings being McFarlane's original complaint, along with a status report (which revealed nothing) and a load of legal material relating to delivery of documents and assignment of judges.  At some point in the last two weeks Simmons and McFarlane reached an agreement and as such the case has been resolved.  And that, as they say, is that.  

All that remains now is the judge to sign off on the order put forward - a mere formality - and the case is closed.  Finito.  

Until Todd gets upset again, which is highly likely, or if Simmons decides to publish his book, which, hopefully, can happen at some stage.  But, until then - he can chalk this one up as a win, of sorts, on his legal board.  Well done Todd McFarlane, and Merry Christmas to you too!



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