Oz Comic-Con: Raging Success or Raging Con-Job?

I'm almost glad that I decided not to go, despite the lure of Stan Lee.  It would appear that the organisers severely underestimated the popularity of Lee and Patrick Stewart - that's Captain Pickard or Professor X to you - as even those who bought pre-sold tickets can't get in to the venue, let alone get to where they've bought photo opportunities, signings, panels and the like.  Added to that is the allegations that negative reports, complaints about the long lines and lack of communication have been removed from the conventions Facebook site, although the organisers have stated that the only comments removed were those featuring profanity.  This hasn't stopped the social media and the media in general from reporting on the situation.

I know of a few people who are there - once they check in I'll get some comments from the ground.  In the meantime, I hope people can refrain from attacking the volunteers - your best bet is to get a refund and speak to the organisers. 

UPDATE: According to Michael Baulderstone, he of Adelaide Comics Centre, the scene on the ground is, "Ugly, ugly ugly."   More to come.  If you're there, or know someone who is, get 'em to check in.


lamaudite said…
It was ugly. The weekend was spent mostly in queues, missing out on panels, on being able to roam around and have a look at the artwork and what the exhibitors and vendors had on display. You simply could not move around, it was so packed with queues snaking everywhere and looping around the stalls. A death trap. And that's for those who managed to get in at all because they showed up at doors at some ungodly hour of the morning...

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