Superman & The Toberoff Timeline Part III: David Michaels Speaks

Each time a new document is filed in the long running Superman case(s) it has the effect of merely making the water more murky - and this latest letter is a classic case in point.  Without going into the gory details - you can read about it here and here - the Ninth Circuit recently ruled that documents contained in the 'Toberoff Timeline' can be introduced into the DC Comics vs Pacific Pictures case. These documents, and the accompanying timeline, have long been attributed to a junior lawyer who worked for Marc Toberoff by the name of David Michaels.  It's been a bit of a mystery as to why Michaels has never been sanction, or outright charged, over the theft and leaking of the documents, and now Michaels himself has provided an answer as to why - in his own words in a letter to the presiding judge in the appeal he states that he didn't do it.  He did contact the Siegels, he did leave Toberoff's firm - and this is explained by Michaels - and he was engaged in questionable activities, but the latter, according to the letter, was at Toberoff's request. 

This letter raises more questions than it answers - if Michaels is not the author of the Timeline and supplied the documents to DC, then who did?  And if Michaels does have evidence of questionable tactics by Marc Toberoff in the Superman suit, then how long will it take before Michaels is deposed and serious questions asked?  When Laura Siegel was deposed and answered questions about Michaels was she being totally honest?  What action, if any, will Michaels take against Toberoff to clear his name and reputation because, as he rightly states, he has woken up to find he's been labelled a criminal, a serious allegation for anyone, a potentially career ending one for a lawyer.  

And just when you thought it was getting interesting in it's own right...


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