"...Please Sue Someone." Dark Horse vs Dynamite Entertainment

Does anyone have any idea what makes this announcement such a big deal?  No?  Then allow me to give you a bit of background.  For readers who have followed both Conan and Red Sonja since their relaunches at Dark Horse and Dynamite Entertainment respectively, the enduring question is when will there be a cross-over, and the answer has always been, not any-time soon.  Part of the reason for this has been laid at the feet of Dark Horse, who have steadfastly refused to entertain the concept of a cross over, but never really explained why, however the following sampling of internal emails gives an indication of the real reason why – Dark Horse feel that Dynamite are the ‘poor relation’ when it comes to comic books, with accusations of professional sabotage, theft of ideas, concepts, artists, writers and designs being lifted and implemented, with the most damning email of them all – a request for a cross-over being shot down on the basis that Dark Horse doesn’t “…want to work with Dynamic Forces”.  Read the emails for yourself and then ask – how likely is a cross-over between Dark Horse and Dynamite?

You’re right, not likely at all. Still, there will be those who'll say that the emails in question are old - and they're right - and now that Dynamic Forces and Dark Horse have fallen into bed, and a lot of water has flowed under a few bridges, then a cross-over might not be that far out of reach after all.  But I'd not be holding my breath waiting for it.  And believe you me, every comic book company has emails going around like this, always have since email was invented and they always will.  You just don't get to see them all that often, by all that is Holy!

Trust me, you weren't the only one who saw a strong similarity between the Dark Horse and Dynamite Entertainment Marvel Comics reprints and thought how cool it was that Dark Horse had both REH characters in house.
This is how Dark Horse really feel about Dynamite
And this is as close to a cross-over as we'll get - thanks to the stunning art of Michael L Peters


Excellent stuff. If I were Dark Horse I'd feel much the same way.

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