Batman - Arrested In 1952!

A quick Google search brings up a fair few people who've been arrested for posing as Batman and either running afoul of the law, or just being idiots.  Some are benign, like the man who dresses up as Batman and entertains kids, through to the clown who posted an April Fools day joke, threatening to blow up a hospital unless paid $1,000,000 - as if calling it a joke later would wash with anyone.  However none of these guys have stumbled onto anything new - the first case I can find of anyone being seriously arrested for posing as Batman in Australia was in Melbourne, 1952.  Now that's just too ironic as Melbourne was founded by none other than Sir John Batman and the city was originally named Batmania.  And yes, I'm being deadly serious.  If the powers that be had retained the name Batmania, then I imagine that it'd be the most densely populated city on the planet by now.  I know I'd have moved there and never left.

The full details, and image, of the Melbourne child Batman have been lost to time, other than these two newspaper clippings, but the best part is that the first clipping was front page news on the Melbourne Argus, on the 26th of May, 1952.  The second clipping, which appeared the next day, reflects how comic books were being viewed at the time in the country, that being a mind rotting, corrupting force that needed to be outlawed once and for all.  Yes, indeed, comic books of the 1950s did turn people into morons, but the biggest morons were those who never read them.  Until next time, enjoy the story of how Batman was busted in 1952!


Mikeyboy said…
I was watching a youtube video once where a guy was dressed in a Bat Man suit on the streets in LA or Vegas...some wild town like that and he got into a faux boxing match with some other guy...suddenly the other guy just clouted him real good on the jaw and down he went. The he jumped on top of him and repeatedly punched him in the face over and over. The video froze for a second and apparently some footage was gone. The attacker was no longer in frame...he took off I suppose but people were helping the beat up Batman impostor to his feet...

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