The OFFICIAL Frank Brunner T-Shirt Range

Out of the chaos and confusion that is now the Gary Friedrich situation an excellent idea has come forth - officially licensed t-shirts featuring the incredible artwork of legendary comic book and fantasy artist Frank Brunner.  And they're only available through the Adelaide Comics Centre store, and via their site, Dynamic Duo Comics.  So what's the story behind all of this?

One half of the Dynamic Duo, Michael Baulderstone, got the idea late last year while reading Previews.  Inside he noticed that Marvel were releasing a t-shirt featuring the iconic cover art for Dr. Strange #4 - 'Dr. Strange Meets Death'.  Anyone who has ever seen the comic knows the art, and you can see it here - it's one of Franks best ever covers, full of power and stunning line-work.  Michael, who you might remember as the guy who made world news when he busted a shop-lifter while dressed as Spider-Man (Michael was the one dressed as Spider-Man, not the crook) a couple of years back, knows Frank Brunner quite well and, excited, emailed Frank to tell him that he was thrilled to finally own an official Brunner shirt and mentioned how he would be ordering several dozen for his store.  Brunner instantly emailed back with news that made Michael's stomach drop.

Marvel's re-drawn 'Brunner' shirt
As Michael tells it, "Frank set me straight and told me that Marvel has redrawn the image so that it doesn't have to pay him a cent."  That's right, Marvel had an unknown artist trace Brunner's art (upon inspection it's not a very good job - you can compare the shirt on the right to the cover art above) and by doing so they've managed to find a loophole in which they can use art that is associated with Frank Brunner, but as it's not drawn by Frank Brunner, they don't have to pay him any royalties.  It makes you wonder about all of those Kirby, Byrne, Jim Lee and McFarlane shirts you see.  Michael wasn't about to let it go though.  "It got me mad at Marvel (again) so I didn't order any of the shirts.  From that grew the idea that if Marvel wasn't going to give Frank royalties then maybe I could...It's not just capitalism, there is a creators rights issue here."

The end result was that Michael and Frank have entered into an agreement whereby Michael has officially licensed art from Frank Brunner and, together, they've created a line of clothing that everyone and anyone would be happy to own.  And, even better, unlike the Marvel Dr. Strange shirt, Frank gets money from every shirt sold - and owns the copyrights.  How good is that?  And, full disclosure here, Michael did offer me a couple of free shirts for a write-up and I refused to take it.  I'm not taking money away from Frank, plus I need no incentive to write up a good news story such as this.

You can view and order the shirts via the Dynamic Duo web-site, and you can go into the Adelaide Comics Centre, Shop 15-17 Citi Centre Arcade, 141 Rundle Mall, Adelaide (of course!) and buy your shirt direct.  You'll be helping a retailer out, and, more importantly, you'll be helping an artist out.  And you'll live safe in the knowledge that the art on the shirts was actually drawn by Frank Brunner, unlike the Marvel shirt.  If the above link doesn't load, just visit their Facebook page, but in the meantime, here's the details!

Dynamic Duo Comics is proud to collaborate with Mr Brunner to produce these 100% cotton fully licensed masterpieces that everyone can enjoy wearing - The Frank Brunner T-Shirt Range!

Tee Shirt Cost: $25- AUD
Postage: $4- within Australia $8- rest of the world 
Tee Shirt sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large.
Payment can be made by Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex or direct bank deposit.

Email us your order along with your tee shirt size(s) 

Just because I like it - Marvel, you really did miss the boat by getting some hack to trace this for your shirt


Darth Prefect said…
I don't know why, in the current climate, you would risk those Howard the Duck and Red Sonja shirts. Call them "Dexter" and "She-Devil" all you want, they are Howard and Sonja. ("She-Devil" is even one of Sonja's tags.)

I think it's a bad idea to try to skirt the edge of legitimacy when your stated purpose is providing worry-free licensed materials. I'd drop those two asap.
Daniel Best said…
Hi Darth, I'm not the one producing the shirts - Frank and Dynamic Duo Comics are. You need to address your concerns to Dynamic Duo Comics directly.

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